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Feedback: PVE and PVP Transitional Pain Points

ZOS, since you remain steadfast in your decision to balance PVE and PVP together and insist that you want as seamless a transition between the two as possible, please back up your own words by alleviating pain points that exist in the transition between PVE and PVP.

1 - PVE vs. PVP Specific Morphs

We shouldn't have to respec at a shrine every time we want to transition between PVE and PVP content and don't want the "lesser" morph of a skill. There are morphs that have obvious benefits for PVE and PVP, but a character morph respec of every skill is needed to perform this switch.

Piercing Mark vs. Reaper's Mark
Eye of the Storm vs. Elemental Rage

2 - Wasted Champion Points

We shouldn't have to "waste" champion points because we enjoy playing both PVE and PVP on a character. There are champion points that are useless in PVE, but help in PVP. Unless we respec when going back to PVE then we are wasting champion points.

Resistant - Reduces the amount of damage you take from Critical Hits by [x]
Expert Defender - Reduces damage taken from Light and Heavy Attacks by [x%]

3 - Gear (Impenetrable vs. Other Traits)
Because of the overly-necessary reliance on the Impenetrable trait to survive in PVP, some players have to farm, craft, and carry around 2 of the same set (one with Impenetrable for PVP and one with Infused/Divines for PVE).

Potential Solution to Pain Points
Offer players the option to create pre-made builds that we can "select" depending on the content we are doing. This would alleviate the first 2 pain points, and perhaps with the 3rd pain point (Impenetrable) you could give us the option to simply have that pre-made build "override" whichever gear we want with the Impenetrable trait once we enter Cyrodiil.

Thanks for listening.
  • redspecter23
    Due to the valid issues you've pointed out, I tend to just make certain characters for either pvp or pve and spec them accordingly. Rather than respec the same toon, I just swap to a second one with the spec ready to go.

    I'm not saying it's a great solution at all, but you work with what you're given. It's the easiest way as a player to solve the issues ZOS has placed in the game to make it a difficult transition.

    I think it would take a drastic change for ZOS to bother doing anything to help out players wanting to easily transition one toon from pvp to pve though it could be done. Separate loadouts that toggle when you swap to pvp zones and have no time/resource cost associated with them. Basically 2 CP loadouts, 2 skill loadouts and 2 complete sets of armor/weapons.
  • VaranisArano
    Id be in favor of a game function "saving" CP allotments so that even if I had to pay to respect it could be a simple action of selecting an allotment I saved previously and paying.

    As it is, I PVE with my CP set for PVP because I'm not going to bother to reallocate everything.

    There are add-ons for PC users to set and swap gear seats, so the functionality is clearly available in the game. Like with many things add-ons do, it would be a nice addition to the base game so consoles can have it too.
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