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'While using' vs 'With slotted'

As the title says. What is the difference between the 'While using xyz abilities' and 'Whith xyz ability slotted'?

For example, the Nightblade's passive Shadow Barrier increases armor and spell resist after coming out of stealth and invsibility. While the latter clearly is a Shadow Ability, stealth is a skill-agnostic game mechanic. Therefore, do I presume correctly that both wordings actually means the same, i.e. while an ability of that skill line is slotted?

Edit: For a quick test I learned that very passive, and indeed I could observe my stats change even simply by leaving stealth, even without attacking, just by pressing ctrl again. So in this specific example, at least, the wording means 'while slotted'.
Edited by Mephane on March 31, 2014 8:32PM
- Bosmer Nightblade Archer -
  • Mulk
    For the ability in question, the passives are triggered whenever you emerge from stealth or invis - further, there is no "slotting" that occurs with a passive. There are plenty of other passives that are triggered based on which abilities you have slotted, or whether you use them or not. For example, several skill trees have passives that increase the effect of skills within that tree by a percentage point per skill from that tree that is on the hotbar. That is what is meant by with xyz slotted. Your example is more of an on use thing or while using as you stated above - the passive in question never triggers if you never go into stealth of some sort; you have to go into it and then come out to get the benefit.
  • Mephane
    While my example was quite easy, as a short test proved my assumption (but had I been wrong, I would have wasted a skill point...), but others are more tricky.

    For example, also from the Nightblade, Master Assassin, "While using Assassination abilities", but then talks about weapon damage while stealth or invisible. It is not clear whether that damage bonus only applies to Assassination abilities used from stealth/invis, or any sneak attack.
    - Bosmer Nightblade Archer -
  • xxslam48xxb14_ESO
    Yeah im wondering the same thing about master assassin because i always open with concealed weapon and I cant tell if its stunning longer or doing more damage. Its very unclear.
  • Castielle
    Weapon Damage would imply a stamina based attack, but Assassination has no stamina based attacks...confusing...

  • Stonie
    Im also confused about the Master Assassin passive and its hard to really test it since I usually open up with a bow attack from stealth.
    Feels like I wasted 2 points.
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