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What’s your Favorite Mount?

  • ashenehb14_ESO
    Great Elk or nothing.
  • Pink_E_808
    Big Cats
    The first mount I ever bought from the crown store was my Senche Lioness and I always tend to go back to her if I switch mounts for any reason on my main char. I use my flame atro Senche a lot, too, but my Lioness will always be my fave. I use a wolf for my Khajiit's mount, though, something about her riding a big cat seems... off, lol.
    One of these days, if it comes back, I'll get the Dro'mAthra Senche, I LOVE that one and can't help feeling a bit envious when I see others with them.
  • Wintergreen
    Good Old Horses
    I prefer horses. The others can be nice, but I always think wolves and big cats would be better suited to living wild and free.
  • MasterSpatula
    Good Old Horses
    When rare mounts become common, they also become absurd. I've switched back to horses because someone had to.
    "A probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility." - Aristotle
  • MerlinPendragon
    Good Old Horses
    Black horses
    Merlin Pendragon - Uther Pendragon - The Lady of the Lake - Sir Lancelot
  • SRTtoZ
    On PC I have the black senche and the dwarven spider mount which I really like especially the sounds and animations. On PS4 which I've been playing lately I got the Guar flame mount and the Bear frost mount. Both are really cool.
  • Hrogun
    Bears and Camels.

    But to be honest, I think Horses are the best designed mounts. All the others look a bit funny and not necessarily in a good way.
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  • Enokariel
    I prefer interesting mounts, so the choice is inapropriate for me. And I do not like the look and movement of hexapods. (dwemer spider, aphis (nix ox))
    From the crown crate apex mounts I liket the elemtal ones, dwemer ones and stormacallers, I didn´t like undead ones, of the green ones other I am udecided.
  • strangeradnd
    I don't have a specific favorite as I like different mounts based on the character I am pairing them with. I like the flame atronach horse with my Dark Elf magDK, the new frostbane senche with my Khajit stamblade"thief", my orc stamplar "crafter" rides a camel of ill omen. I just like what ever seems to fit them best, it is the same way with the rest of my characters. If absolutely forced to pick I would probably have to go with piebald destrier as I have used it the most of any mount I have had.
  • logarifmik
    Good Old Horses
    Despite of their sick look and silly animation, I prefer horses. Regular horses without shining/decaying/sparkling effects. The only exception for me so far is the Storm Atronach Horse, which I don't posses. Seconds for me are guars. Kagouties, Nix-Oxes and camels are also good looking. Dwemer animunculi mounts (robospiders) are great as well, but it's not my style. Cats, bears and wolves are just weird. If I were 6 years old, I'd probably love to ride a burning panther, a red eyed wolve or whatever, but I'm not.
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  • Elfbait
    Nihility42 wrote: »
    I really like the new Sabre Cat mount. And the Nightmare Senche



    It's the Guy Fieri Senche, ready to take you straight to Flavortown! (Or Shornhelm, whatever).
  • Discord_Days
    Voted "other" for elk!
  • Kendaric
    Any normal mounts without any any stupid, flashy effects. Horses, guar, camels, etc. are all fine, as long as they don't have those effects.

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    Outfit slots not being accountwide is ridiculous given their price
  • DarcyMardin
    Good Old Horses
    I actually love the sparkly horse.

    I like camels, too.
  • POPSadopalis
    How can you not love a big ol fluffy polar bear, especially one that i can control with my will power alone!
  • ArcaneBlue
    I like the slapping guar buttocks motion. "hi-yaaa!" SLAP!!!!

    I do "theme" mounts based on the character races though. example, my argonians ride guars, my khajiit rides a sehcne, my imperial rides the imperial warhorse...
  • Sporvan
    Black Camel of Ill Omen... love the Thieves Guild insignia details.
  • Surragard
    Good Old Horses
    Still use the Imperial Horse as my main.
    I don't always drink Skooma, but when I do I go to the Southwall Corner Club. May you walk on warm sands my friends.
  • ghastley
    How can you not love a big ol fluffy polar bear, especially one that i can control with my will power alone!

    Mostly because you can't get one any more. That was available for too short a time. It needs a re-run.
  • Banana
    Big Cats
    Man lions.
  • Merlian
    Zombie Horse
    PC NA
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    |Alyia Bekker| - DC Breton Magicka Warden
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  • anadandy
    Good Old Horses
    Aeslief wrote: »
    The Witch-Knight Charger is still my favorite mount that I’ve ever seen in the crown store or a crown crate. I’d love to see more gorgeously detailed and culturally unique ‘mundane,’ non-undead, non-Daedric mounts.

    That horse is the one time I regretted not making an impulse purchase. And I totally agree, more detailed, cultural regular horses.
  • Paazhahdrimaak
    Pale Velothi Guar
  • Versispellis
    Good Old Horses
    I keep saying it everywhere: I want a broader variety of horses! Someone earlier in the thread mentioned that they'd like to see the horses' models brought up to the quality of the other mounts, and I agree with that wholeheartedly. As for the kind of horses, I much prefer the ones that look organic; mostly the natural looking ones, but I'm broadly allowing for things like the nightmare courser, fang lair courser and zombie horse in this category. The elemental ones do nothing for me.
    PS4 NA
  • WillhelmBlack
    It was the 'exclusive limited time only' Elk I purchased for 5500 crowns a year ago until ZOS made it free with gems.
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    Lydia Shield-maiden / Stamina Warden.

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  • Violynne
    Big Cats
    Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

  • BigRiver
    The Great Dark stag for the win!
    Edited by BigRiver on April 2, 2018 4:48PM
  • Klasen
    Big Cats
    Striped Senche Tiger :smiley:
    I won't use any other mount.
  • Cadbury
    None, I prefer to walk.
    Walking is good exercise. You can really feel the burn power walking through Craglorn.
    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • nooblox85
    Guar for sure
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