What’s your Favorite Mount?

What’s your favorite Mount in ESO and why?
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Clouse the White Warden - Breton AD MAG Warden
Jaro the Wild Changeling - Bosmer AD STAM Warden

What’s your Favorite Mount? 238 votes

Good Old Horses
SurragardDarcyMardinLadyAstrumjevans1342nub18_ESObeckamayHanzusMasterSpatulaJaeysaAetherderiusEasily_LostBaracutaSoul_MarrowKemosabe2point0ApplebladeZorrinAconightNumber_51ralphylaurenMyrnhielDKsUnite 42 votes
DeadlyRecluseThe_Outsidercalitrumanb14_ESOVehlirFlynchArcaneBluehondelinkStreegapaulsimonpsPaazhahdrimaakFoldingStars13GiantFruitFlyHankrabbitMorgul667KodracvestahlsShardan4968ArcaneFeatherskapoiMoistJellyDonut 24 votes
Big Cats
wayfarerxCatsmoke14Esha76SkuaWuffyCeruleiDanikatixieAlienSlofJitterbugSqcMarrazzMistLarsSmommadani907czarDarkhorse1975alsuranKoovsterAdernathLylithJKorr 86 votes
HrogunLivvyWolfpawmoleculeJWKeTrinityBreakerfred4munster1404ThorinWolfgangNorseWorkghastleyAndrejLeoPOPSadopalis 13 votes
Dire Wolves
SosRuvaakRGvolterrawtlonewolf20CloneTrooper699SnootkingOlafdieWaldfeeSydneyGreydaggerfallingSpiderCultistPeebuzzle6lackzeu5duendologynihirisutouFortunattoAshyachuPr0fischimmlerAshrynApostateHobo 18 votes
BomblePantsferlinhuskyShadowfellBortusLewisFernwehLakhitiapcsporez 7 votes
ArobainMattock_RomulusDanteYodaWeaselGodcasinoguyNelson_RebelTonyRockaroniElectrone_MagnusTelvanniWizardCortanacamoUndauntedValianceLordDovSawzallzZeni0sAnomanderisPurakemateosalvajeBalandir 17 votes
ashenehb14_ESOKendaricAzuryaIruil_ESOWillhelmBlackRadiancefalcasternub18_ESOAtallantaTroneonJayne_Doeesp1992BarbedSaturnMythicEmperorDiscord_DayssusmitdsMerlianBigRiverThannazzarMinyassaPzTnT 28 votes
None, I prefer to walk.
KnightsMentorCadburyArkray 3 votes
  • Astrid_V
    Big Cats
    Dro-m'athra senche.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    As much as I love my tiger senche, I think my favorite is the Dwarven spider.
  • mommadani907
    Big Cats
    All the kitties. I just think they move in a more fluid way which makes them sometimes seem faster. And I love big cats irl.
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    Auria Grayire ( Altmer Mag Templar /AD)
    Darkenova ( Imperial Stam DK /AD)
    Luna Darknova (Altmer Mag Sorc/AD)
    Morning-Starr (Argonian Mag Warden/AD)
    Khara Morek (Orc Stam Sorc/AD)
    Amellia Bane (Redguard Stam Warden/AD)
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    Morwen Ravenstorm (Nord Stam Templar/AD)

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  • Ley
    Big Cats
    Lions and tigers and bears.
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  • jaschacasadiob16_ESO
    ...too bad we can't see the face of those who had a camel, while they were hoping to get that super cool senche.
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  • Danikat
    Big Cats
    I'm an animal lover generally, but big cats are a favourite of mine and especially clouded leopards. So the clouded-senche leopard is easily my favourite mount. It's so unusual to see them in games at all, especially as pets/mounts rather than enemies or background creatures that it was a must-have for me. Plus my main character is a khajiit from the Tenmar forest in southern Elsweyr, so it's perfect for her.

    But I like a lot of the others too. I've got and use numerous horses (probably too many), all 4 shadowghost mounts (horse, senche, guar, wolf), the ice wolf, the black sabre cat and I'm hoping to get enough gems from free crates to get the elk too.

    The only ones I don't have any of are bear and camels because I don't like the way they move. I've tried both on the PTS and even with the camera zoomed out it made me dizzy just watching it.
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  • PetiteFire
    I <3 my Great Elk! o:)
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  • Reverb
    Big Cats
    Striped Senche
    Armitas wrote: »
    This game is so broken I don't even know how people distinguish CE from negligent development.
  • M_Volsung
    Brasscephalus, my huge clanking, steaming, lumbering monster of a Dwemer horse.
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  • ghastley
    Danikat wrote: »
    The only ones I don't have any of are bear and camels because I don't like the way they move..

    Those are the only mounts I've actually bought. I got a guar and a wolf from event crates, and a horse from level-ups. None of them are skeletal, mechanical, or have flames, leaves, or other glowing parts, or they wouldn't be used.
  • Aurelle1
    Big Cats
    Senche tiger here. I have quite a few other mounts, but my toons all seem to prefer the tiger.
  • NolaArch
    Big Cats
    Senches with wolves being a very close second.
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  • Lylith
    Big Cats
    senches in black, all varieties.

    agree with @NolaArch, wolves are a good option, too.
  • Minyassa
    My dwemer spiders are my favorites. I just love everything about them. More colors, please...I need a black one with glowing red trim!! And do NOT MAKE IT A RADIANT APEX OR I WILL EAT SOMEONE.
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  • monktoasty
    Big Cats
    So far I've only ridden horse camel senche and nix ox. I was so glad to get my first senche in the frost crate..because it's my favorite now. So smooth.

    Begore..the horse was best..camels ugh..nix ox..ugh
  • Joshua261
    I'm torn between the Dro'mathra senche and the Flame Atronach Horse
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  • The_Protagonist
    Big Cats
    I love my Dro'mathra Senche
  • Zorrin
    Good Old Horses
    Horses will always be my favorite, although I do think they could use a little TLC to bring them up to the aesthetic level of the other mounts. Senche are a close second favorite though :)
  • SydneyGrey
    Dire Wolves
    Wolves and horses, because those are the two I use the most. Senches come in third.

    Bears aren't even on my list because of the bouncy animations that make me feel sick to my stomach. :#
  • Aeslief
    Good Old Horses
    The Witch-Knight Charger is still my favorite mount that I’ve ever seen in the crown store or a crown crate. I’d love to see more gorgeously detailed and culturally unique ‘mundane,’ non-undead, non-Daedric mounts.
  • TelvanniWizard
    If only they weren´t locked behind gambling...
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  • Azurya
    the NERF-pig which is always galloping through the forums!
    the donkey-of-not-knowing-anything, they mostly comes together!
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  • Orticia
    Good Old Horses
    The white maned black horse that came in the 1000 gem starter package. Generally prefer horses.

    The black nightmare senche from the Summerset preorder is rather nice too.
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  • Zeni0s
    A ghostly black sench with red effect around her. Quite nice but can't remember her name.

    Otherwise daedric mount (as a sorc)
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  • Asardes
    Good Old Horses
    I've earned several other types of mounts but they just don't feel right:
    - riding a big insect with a wide back would be pretty uncomfortable IRL, because you have to spread your legs wide and can easily slip; just imagine someone hitting you with a well aimed arrow right in the crotch while playing PvP in Cyrodiil.
    - riding a cat with a flexible spine is another no-no: if I try to saddle one of mine with something small, they lie down and sneak from under it; if I insist they scratch. Imagine doing that to a 900 lbs tiger on steroids rather than a 9 lbs domestic cat :)
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  • Jitterbug
    Big Cats
    I vote cats until I get my one-mudcrab-strapped-to-each-foot mount.
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  • lishybach
    My dwarven wolf.
  • Rebirthment
    Hard to say. There are quite a lot of good looking mounts out there. In the end, i would have to go with wolf mounts.
  • Nihility42
    Big Cats
    I really like the new Sabre Cat mount. And the Nightmare Senche


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