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Jesters festival 2018 wishlist

Let's be honest, jesters festival this year was a proto branch festival with all the banners and no furniture variety.

We need more furniture, those purple trees were awesome, how about some more?

More achievements: example, place a holiday furnishing in your home. Something easy and simple so returning players have something new to do and so new players have enough time to do a simple achievement.
  • Taleof2Cities
    I've got my Camoran Throne recipe learned ... so they really don't need to bring that recipe back.

    (just kidding)
  • Maryal
    The princess pig should wear a 'wedding dress' ... perhaps the holiday furnishings vendor could offer a pet pig wearing a wedding dress for those who have completed the jester's festival. LOL
  • Timeoin
    I've got my Camoran Throne recipe learned ... so they really don't need to bring that recipe back.

    (just kidding)

    Im dubious
  • USTTech
    The princess pig as a pet for completing all the achievements..... and no more festival housing banners
  • Phaedrathallassa
    I'd be happy if there's anything new. New Life having absolutely nothing new (except the chance to get random existing lighting furniture, bleh) was pretty disappointing. I got my hissimir fish eye rye for my main and got out.

    New dailies would be wonderful (rotate them with the existing ones so new players can experience both). New recipes would be great (I would pay an awful lot for a health/mag and health/stam recipe that scales to all levels). Even just a bit of new dialogue... As it is, I got my achievements last year and I doubt there will be any reason to go back. One inn room full of banners is enough.
  • Mix
    Please un-bind the Festival banners from last year. None of the other Festival furniture from the events has been bound.

    For Furniture:
    Festival Bush/Shrub that matches the Jester Trees.
    Painting with the Jester Kings and Queen.
    Jester Crown on Pillow
    Jester Tent
    Pig Sty for Princess (or fencing to make one)

    For Runeboxes:
    all the fireworks
    hat/costume (like New Life, some are in runeboxes and some are bought on crown store)

    Place "x" festival banners in your home (of Festival furnishings) - but we have so many banners from last year:P

  • Queue
    I would like to be able to "throw a pie" for a memento.
  • altemriel
    smokepipe memento!!
    Edited by altemriel on March 1, 2018 11:01AM
  • SydneyGrey
    A festival banner that can hang on a wall, instead of being stuck in the ground on a stick.

    I was hoping that jester monkey would be a prize for completing the festival this year, but according to the crown store showcase, it looks like they're going to sell it instead.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I've always wanted a monkey butler called Darwin. Looks like my dreams are going to come true <3
    PC EU
  • Asardes
    Less flags. I mean I think I've gotten 30-50 of those last year, and they are completely useless, but only found 2 Dubious Camoran Throne recipes. I mean the event was fun, but they shouldn't have had that much trash rewards.
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  • Marabornwingrion
    ZOS, please don't make it another "branch festival"...
  • Morgul667
    Jester festival gifts in reward of the worthy boxes :-)
  • DeadlyRecluse
    I would like 78 more Jesters Festival banners. all seriousness, please unbind the festival banners.
    Thrice Empress, Forever Scrub
  • DraVen69
    Yes unbind the banners l used 200 of them to outline a race course and still had 150 left over so ya unblind the trash and while ur at it unblind all the other crap in the game im running outta room on 15 vets max bags and bank and all 8 home storages still anit enough
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