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Please Fix Sheer Venom and Vicecannon of Poison set

just a friendly reminder to fix both sets. Please (?)
Both set's (vicecannon of poison and sheer vemon) proc effect are being reflected by the Dragon Knight Skill "Spiked Armor" which in my opinion should be a bug because this is not the case for other skills (trap beast and it's morphs, and poison arrow and it's morphs) and/or poisons with similar effect.* and also none of the said damage over time effect is caused directly by the character.

I'm posting this on this section, because it's a mayor patch with many tweaks and would love to see this fixed.

* By Similar effect I mean: they all deal phisical / poisonous damage over time effect.
  • olsborg
    Would be rl nice with a fix, yes.
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  • llElLoboll
    I recently switched from console to pc and I haven't noticed sheer venom on pc having this problem so it may be getting fixed in the near future. Also the damage returned counts as a dot for the dk and can proc skoria which just makes it even worse lol.
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