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What time will we get the Wraith of Crows Polymorph?

As the title says...

I'm wanting to buy mine :)
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  • Acrolas
    Crown store updates are always after 10 AM Eastern.

    2000 crowns, available now.
    signing off
  • SSlarg
    for 2000 crowns, I am on the fence.
    it seems a little steep.
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  • duendology
    It looks better in the promo picture (and probably in a dim light) than in daylight. The colours are too washed-out. I think I will pass, unfortunately.
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  • Livvy
    I just wish polymorphs didn't change your character's size. :/
  • Crossx2
    Livvy wrote: »
    I just wish polymorphs didn't change your character's size. :/

    I agree.. I had no idea this polymorph would change me into a giant. None of my other in game earned polymorphs change my height much, but now I feel so out of place. It even makes all of my mounts much larger than the normal size, and I have to zoom my camera way out to even see. Kind of disappointed by the size change..
  • Jhalin
    I though the polymorph would be way more ominous. It looks really washed out, especially in comparison with the in-store preview image
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