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(PC NA)New PVP Event: Battle of Champions! Volunteer as tribute for your faction!

  •  Jules
    Irylia wrote: »
    Jules wrote: »
    Yeh I'm not really down to group with people in a competition that I don't play with pretty comfortably... idk. Kodi Axy, sure but I can't think of like a comfortable 4 man cause I'm usually like by myself or with one other. But I'm down to support. Gimme something productive to do Irylia & I'll do it.

    If you could convince fengrush, adamant(ad) invictus, Arya and any other groups you may know interested. Rhage, lyser, etc

    Otherwise yourself and kodi could stream the battle as 2 of the refs and maybe feng if he would rather not fight.

    Ty Jules.

    Cool. I'll talk to those ppl.

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  • Speed_Kills
    @enzoisadog so he cloaks and shade kites into more cloak while you fight everyone?
    Some say speed kills, I hope to be proof of that.

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  • enzoisadog
    @enzoisadog so he cloaks and shade kites into more cloak while you fight everyone?

    i wish but shade doesn't work.
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  • Vilestride
    I believe it is not going to be a drac group for EP. It is going to be myself, Marcel and 2 more currently unconfirmed players. Just to clarify that prince.
  • Lord_Zele
    Yo, if it isn't too late to register, I can get 4 DC to come for this event.
    It'd be two from my guild STRIFE, and 2 Other DC from Sins of the Night.
    We make 4 overall. Add us if you can please. Just list us as like SotN or something.
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