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To all you players that want a fireplace, please let you voices be heard

Please show your support on this thread on the pts subforum where it will be reviewed as feedback

Image provided by @Taleof2Cities

This fireplace is unmovable and forces a player to use that room as a living room or dining area. This limits player creativity and devalues the pretty house. please make this fireplace removable and make it buyable as many players have been asking for a fireplace for a long time
Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
  • MajesticHaruki
    and for the love of god please give us more options for a cooking fire. I can't place some camp logs inside my home. It will put the place on fire. :'(
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  • Gilvoth
    i would like a fireplace
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  • Reverb
    Armitas wrote: »
    This game is so broken I don't even know how people distinguish CE from negligent development.
  • Mic1007
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  • platonicidealgirlfriend
    that's a wood oven m80
  • Dojohoda
    I, too, think it is strange that the fireplace (oven) in the palace cannot be removed. On the other hand, it's designed for the palace. The palace has limited rooms, all too few and too open. It'd be great to not have rooms pigeonholed. That fireplace is definitely a fire burning oven, which screams kitchen.

    When I saw the palace fireplace (oven), the first thing I tried was to place a provisioning station in it... It didn't work. I was disappointed.

    I make my own fireplaces from stone, but it would be nice to have some suitable fireplaces made available to us. It'd be even more awesome if we could place a provisioning station inside of them.

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  • Blacknight841
    i think fireplaces would be nice, but it allows for people to get creative and make their own right now too.
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  • Pheefs
    Furnishings have a bunch of things missing!

    Musical Instruments
    Weapons & Racks

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  • RANKK7
    and for the love of god please give us more options for a cooking fire. I can't place some camp logs inside my home. It will put the place on fire. :'(

    This, some alternative is needed, that's fugly, it doesn't fit in elegant interior.
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  • MLGProPlayer
    I would also like this furnace/stove from Vvardenfell:

  • TonyRockaroni
    I want a Redguard style oven Provisioning station, like the one in the inn in Belkarth.

    You mean the one Hunding's Palatial Hall teases whenever I see its loading screen? I want it, too. :/
    I think more effort should be put into that first, tbh, since it should have been made available ages ago.

    *Le sigh.* At last I have the Clockwork Provisioning Station I can use for the time being.
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