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Stamblade build help

Im just creating my stamblade for some pvp and I'm not sure what sets are gonna be the best, I want to use dual wield on front bar and 2h back bar. All of these pieces are purple quality as I can't afford to make them gold. I am currently using 5 spriggan, 5 pariah (just because I already had it...)(2 weps and jewelry),1 domihaus, 1 blood spawn. Using serpent mundus stone, all attributes into stam. I'm sitting at 32k stam, 15k health, 11k magicka, stam recov 2429, magicka recov 652, weapon dmg 2222 buffed, 18k resistances (without major resistances) I know people have been saying to use bone pirate. I've seen a lot of people sitting at 3.5--4k weapon dmg and I don't know how
  • davey1107

    I main a stamblade in pvp. So let’s see if we can get you on the right track. One, spriggans is a decent set. But it’s power comes from penetration, which doesn’t show up on your character sheet like weapon damage does. So like if you threw on Hundings rage, your character sheet would look better, but it would perform really close to Spriggans. That’s one reason your numbers look low, you’re benefiting from a hidden metric.

    For the second set, pariah? Meh. You need damage in pvp, not resistance. Your survival depends on learning to cloak and hide and run away. NBs are squishy...if they catch you pariah isn’t going to save your butt, lol. Bone pirate would be a good replacement. Or any other solid stam damage set.

    For the helm, I kind of feel like a full set is stronger than your approach. I see what you’re doing, but the power of velidreth outweighs either of the buffs you’re currently getting.

    Your stam is good...recovery and magic a bit low, I’m assuming you’re outside Cyrodiil with those stats. People get 3.5k+ by buffing with rally plus merciless resolve plus tri stat stam dps gear. Your weapon damage is a little low. You could look at’s melee nightblade to get some guidance.

    One tip would be to get comfortable with your sets then farm to be able to invest in gold weapons. The armor isn’t as important, but the weapons will add like 20% to your weapon damage. You could farm raw mats, do Daily writs or farm expensive stuff to sell the buy them.

    You might also consider tri stat enchantments on your large armor pieces. You give up roughly 1500 stamina in exchange for bringing in 1500 magic and 1800 health. (I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me). It’s generally a good exchange.

    And work up your Legerdemain to 16 to spend in the passive to reduce sneak cost by 40%...very important. Raid the Daggerfall ships and fence the junk to get there quickly.
  • leepalmer95
    If you want a nice general stam nb build.

    5x Shackle
    5x Bone pirate

    Master bow infused with power glyth
    Asylum 2h nirn

    Now as you want to go dw/2h you can swap some things in.

    E.g. Could go 5 shackle/ 5x bone pirate/ 3x agility on dw side (a ring + 2 weps)

    Dw Nirn on main slot, precise/ sharp on second.

    Infused or powered on backbar 2h depending on how much you light attack between skills when your buffing.

    PS4 EU DC

    Current CP : 756+

    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
  • Mattoxx96
    Yeah the pariah set is there because I already had a full set of it. I do have a 5pc shacklebreker so I could use that. It would just mean farming for bone pirate.
  • kerthas
    An easy gear to get with your nb who work pretty good too, is the Eternal hunt 5p + Selene 2p + ring of agility, thats preatty easy to get and its good, not the best but its great.

    Of course for your weapon, Maul of mealstrom arena 2h or asylum, both are good and the bow of dragonstar arena, those weapon are the best for this gear. But if you dont have time to farm them, just carft some random weapon 2h nirn, and bow in infused.
    Edited by kerthas on December 31, 2017 5:18PM
  • Aztlan
    All good advice above. I run a DW/2H brawler build, 5 heavy/2 medium, with 5 Clever Alchemist, 5 Bone Pirate, 2 Troll King (also sometimes 2 Bloodspawn or 1 Kena/1 Veli). I have 5 Alchemist on my DW bar, and the Master 2H on the backbar (not many people have that, so a defending Alchemist 2H is fine as well). I find that Alchemist gives me burst when I need it and helps to overcome the somewhat lower damage of a heavy build.
  • Lexxypwns
    Gotta gold the weapons...

    From there you need to understand what a stamblade needs from a playstyle perspective. You'll be using cloak as both a kiting tool and a defensive mechanic. It is important not to look at cloak as an escape, but rather a way to buy some distance from an opponent, good players will reliably have an answer to cloak, if you focus on your positioning and timing in such a way that you're not using cloak to run away, but rather relieve pressure and set up your own combos then you'll be on the right track. The second mechanic involved with cloak is forcing crit heals, this is extremely powerful considering you'll be running 65%+ CHD modifier you'll be able to quickly soft reset fights with cloak. By combining these two mechanics on a stamblade you will be building the right skills to become a truly good stamblade instead of one of the countless hide in cloak and prey on the outnumbered.

    Now that we've acknowledged the play style let's see how we can effectively build for enough damage to deliver good burst and give us good base healing while also having the sustain to use dodge roll both defensively and as a kiting tool with cloak. It is also important not to overlook magika sustain because you MUST have enough magika to use your defensive mechanics and your best CC.

    That makes shacklebreaker very appealing, imo. Since its craftable you can literally just put it in place of pariah on your current build and then go from there.
  • FrancisCrawford
    If somebody can't afford to gold their weapons they probably also don't have access to the best endgame gear.

    Anyhow -- how important is it to gold your offhand DW weapon?
  • Raudgrani
    Might sound boring. But Bone Pirate AND Hulking Draugr is pretty awesome. No fancy procs and no nothing, just a rather big stamina pool (+40k) and a great stamina recovery. As you know, max stamina affects your actual damage, so it's pretty strong. I tried all sorts of stuff like Marksman, Archer's Mind, Morag Tong, Vicecanon, Spriggan etc. - really wanted to find something more fancy. But, nothing seems to really beat it for me at least - not even in theory, so I'm sticking to that. All Infused/Divines, so rather squishy. But after all, it's a Nightblade...

    I can run it either with just these two sets and a monster piece (Domihaus, of course...), or with my Asylum 2H and Master's Bow. I'm leaning towards the later of these, but the even higher stamina and magicka is appealing too.

    Getting a lot of hate since I started to run this one in Cyrodiil, and a lot of "1v1?" requests after I kill people. so I guess it's pretty ok. ;-)
    Edited by Raudgrani on January 1, 2018 3:31PM
  • Mattoxx96
    I can get end game gear, I just don't know a lot about golding my weps
  • Raudgrani
    Mattoxx96 wrote: »
    I can get end game gear, I just don't know a lot about golding my weps

    Hehehe... Well, that's the least tricky part, mate. Just level your crafting skill lines, refine materials to get golden improving materials (or simply buy them), make sure you got like "Temper expertise" to reduce the amount needed, and simply improve them. There's not more to it.
  • Metemsycosis
    I run 2h/bow, but have neither asylum 2h, nor master's bow

    Front bar:
    5 hundings rage, nirnhorned greatsword (disease enchantment)

    Back bar:

    5 way of the air (poison enchantment)

    or 5 marksman (crusher) for awesome recovery.

    or senches (infused berserker) for 5k weapon damage

    1 chokethorn, 1 shadowrend; or 1 kena 1 velidreth.

    Warrior mundus.
    Dubious drink

    3500 - 5k weapon damage (on senche's build)

    1900-2600 Stam Regen
    700-900 mag Regen

    3500 points into penetration. +20% crit.
    Edited by Metemsycosis on January 2, 2018 1:27AM
    Terethea Magdalena, Breton Nightblade
    A Dark-Adapted Eye, Imperial Necromancer

    sanguinare vampiris
  • lao
    5 bone pirate (chest, belt, boots, hands, legs)
    3 agility (jewelry)
    2x bloodspawn/troll king/selenes/velidreth
    asylum 2h sword + master bow

    or 5 eternal hunt (chest,belt,boots,hands,legs)
    3 agility (jewelry)
    2x bloodspawn/troll king/selenes/velidreth
    asylum 2h sword + master bow

    both are easy to get builds with the exception of the master bow. first one is slightly higher dmg while 2nd one is better for kiting and survivability in general. the runes help a ton when trying to split up bigger numbers

    if you run dw and dont have the weapons you can also try truth or senche instead of agility. asylum 2h+master bow is too good to not use if you have them tho.

    and also what others said, upgrade your weapons to gold asap. its a significant dmg bonus, especially on nirn weapons. also id strongly recommend running 7 inpen pieces. you´re already squishy as a NB you really wanna avoid getting almost oneshot by lucky crits. aim for atleast 2.5k crit resist but more really isnt bad either.
    Edited by lao on January 2, 2018 7:24AM
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