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I think infinite load screens are back ps4 na i think or trying to make a come back

Just logged on tried to port to a keep in cyrodiil and got an infinite load screen waited 10 minutes still was stuck in one reset the app three times and tried to port each time i ended up getting a infinite load screen not sure if this is happening to everyone but it is to me it might just be starting to do it again
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  • geonsocal
    got one soon as I saw the "this may be..." went ahead and restarted the app...thankfully it was just once, had me a little nervous though :#

    lag around large battles is definitely a thing at the moment also...

    hopefully in the next month or so they can re-implement the performance upgrades (without breaking the game this time)...

    good to see the population has returned somewhat...better to see the map relatively balanced throughout the day...
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  • Goddess_Althena
    Yeah I've had a few infinite load screens as well since the patch.
  • ZOS_KatP
    Hey all,

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