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I have noticed ever since storms ulti's were introduced that someone at ZOS messed up the elevation of the storms and apparently the same person at ZOS messed up the elevation of the Earthgore proc. Now maybe this was intentional and hopefully someone at ZOS can confirm this one way or the other PLEASE. If it was a mistake then negates would work like they should and earthgore and storms would be able to be countered. I'm just saying if i cast a storm on the second floor of a keep should i be able to damage players on the third? Likewise shouldn't a negate suppress the earthgore heal or the grothdar ground effect? I mean come on isn't that what negate is suppose to do?
  • MercTheMage
    It's what negate used to do, it got changed ages ago.
    Now it just silences and heals/damages.
    You just going to stand there like a lemon?
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