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[PC/NA] Whispering Fang Syndicate, an all-inclusive guild [beginners, trials, trading, PvE, social]

M'aiq knows much, tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not. -M’aiq the Liar

A Khajiit is never defenseless as long as one's claws are sharp- Ancient Khajiiti proverb

Pacrooti practices Whispering Fang, a powerful martial art. He met a Khajiit today, master of Goutfang, an opposing style. Khajiit and Pacrooti had words, and nearly began a contest to decide the superior method, but a mage appeared and lit the Goutfang master ablaze. Pacrooti escaped with the "Senche Leaps" technique. Whispering Fang never loses! -Pacrooti, Crown Crate Hustler

Little is known about the Whispering Fang. This is how we like it. Secretive is our nature. Bloody is our work. You may have never heard of us, seen us, known of us, but our presence affects everything. We are the Whispering Fang Syndicate.

We are a PC/NA guild who does pretty much everything (PvE, social, beginner training, and trials). We are currently at 400+ members, and are looking for new, experienced, and returning members alike to join our ranks.

Send a mail to @binarybandit, or PM me on Discord if interested. I do not check these forums frequently. Please contact me on discord or in game.

The guild is also very active duty and veteran friendly and to their dependents, since i'm a veteran and my wife, who runs the guild with me, is a dependent.

Things We Offer:

Guild trader in Skywatch

Free crafted gear for our members trying to reach CP160

Free vampire and werewolf bites.

Trial leaders to teach you how to do trials

Normal trials done throughout the week and weekend

Zone runs to collect skyshards, lorebooks, and achievements

CP160 intricates and CP160 glyphs for leveling purposes

Variety of green and blue recipes, blueprints, motifs, as well as soul gems, food, and other items available for free in the guild bank.

Master crafters to make CP160 weapons, armor, and glyphs, in many rare motifs, for free as long as you bring the materials, or for a reasonable price if not. Can also provide specialty food and potions at affordable rates.

External guild store (through Discord) offering bulk, expensive, and non-gold purchase of items for sale from various guild members. Items include full motif page collections, bulk buys of intricate items or leveling glyphs, items bought with writ vouchers/Tel Var Stones/AP, and Skyreach run services.

A community of experienced players to help with running PvE content such as trials, quests, and dungeons, as well as other activities such as fishing trips, zone runs, daily quest groups, and more.

We are also here to provide help with other aspects of the game such as add-ons, weapon and armor set discussions, price checking, and much more.

People from all walks of life to socialize with in guild chat, Discord chat, and Discord Voice Chat.
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