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[Bug] Maesltrom staff: Light attack and heavy attack deal less damage in group

hey , not the first time we see this bug ... actually it's like the debuff which increase the damage of your light and heavy attack of the maesltrom staff is " unstackable " ... I mean that one person while get the light attack/heavy attack buff, but the rest of team ( those who have the maesltrom staff and have an elemental wall in their rotation ) won't get the buff. There is not a lot of thing to say, except that i hope they will fix that faster than the " good clockwork furnishing drop rate "
Here some parse, oh my combat metric is in french so for those who don't talk french i will trad ( Attaque légère = Light attack // Attaque lourde = heavy attack )

Alone with a Elemental drain

Duo, me and an other sorcerer + elemental drain.

Edited by Apherius on October 27, 2017 9:19PM
  • MandaWa
    Test done with @Apherius. I'm the bad person who has decreases his light and heavy attacks... Shame.
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  • Erraln
    Again? This one seems to crop up every 6-12 months :/

    I'll do some testing/reporting for it too when I have time.
  • Kikke
    ah, sounds like the "only one vma staff in the grp works" bug we've had before. will be a quick fix I hope =)
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  • Erraln
    Alright, so here's what a partner and I have observed on Live with test dummy:

    vMA User A drops a blockade of storms first, and receives the buffed light/heavy attack damage.
    vMA User B drops a blockade second, and does not receive the buffed damage. This will not correct for the duration of their wall.

    IF: All blockade of storms damaging the target expire, the first person to cast a new one becomes User A.
    IF: Blockade of storms is maintained by User B, User A will not lose their priority. User A's Light/Heavy attack boost only applies when User A's personal Blockade is on the field. User B can never gain the light/heavy attack bonus damage so long as User B OR User A maintain an active Blockade on the target.

    Roles can reverse mid-combat, ending combat is not required to set a new priority User. Only the lack of an active Blockade on the target ends the priority.

    This was first tested with two Legendary Infused shock vMA staves. We then tried Fire/Fire with unmatched traits, and Fire/Ice unmatched, with identical behavior. It appears to be the item set effect itself misbehaving, and not the skill type.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno This ought to be checked into, it is an easily replicable bug. The correct behavior is for all Blockade casters to individually be granted their own light/heavy attack damage bonus, while their own skill duration is active.
    Edited by Erraln on October 28, 2017 1:22AM
  • NyassaV
    A few random practice parses seemed lower than usual. I dismissed it as being tired and rusty but there might be a bug behind it... Hmmm
    Edited by NyassaV on October 28, 2017 1:02AM
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  • Concret
    I confirm (and everyone in my guilds encoutners the same issue)


  • f047ys3v3n
    They brought the old code back with the old bug.

    On a side note, I dropped my vMA staff anyway. Very meh without the spell damage buff. Not worth the trouble of changing my rotation to put wall on the back bar and, of course, worthless in PVP. Thanks ZOS. Glad I worked hard enough to have both right traited vMA and Masters stuff only to have a piece I had crafted prior to ever completing vMA be better. Nothing like doing hard stuff only to literally go back to using the gear you crafted before you had done all that stuff.

    Also, props on bringing back the bug to make sure they were totally, unquestionably, worthless..... like Wrobel.
    Yes I am deeply embarrassed to still be playing this game. I know better.
  • Morgul667
    This again :(
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