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CP 150 Training gear for a low level alt

If i craft cp150 training gear for a low level alt, will the alt be gimped by wearing such high level gear? Or would it be better to craft level appropriate gear and then swap it out for new every 10 levels?
CP 810
  • Asardes
    He wouldn't be able to wear it. Making CP150 training only makes sense if you want to grind CP or level skills on a char that has already reached 50.
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  • Nestor
    Or would it be better to craft level appropriate gear and then swap it out for new every 10 levels?

    As explained above, you can only wear armor your on level or above to wear.

    Since you can be about 10 levels over your gear before it gets too painful, every 10 levels is good.

    What I do is make 5 piece sets in full training, including weapons. Then I use Zone Dropped Sets to fill in the blanks. Some will even make all 7 armor pieces so they don't have to be too choosy about what dropped set items to get.

    As for the sets, I was using Julianos for Casters and Hundings for Stamina characters for my training sets. However, Shacklebreaker in Vvardenfell is a set that either a Stamina or Magic leveling character can use. This will save inventory space if your making the sets with intentions of leveling a few alts with it.

    But, if your new to the game and don't have your traits researched yet, any training gear is better than no training gear while leveling. And, even 2 or 3 pieces with the Training trait can help loads with a character. Then the rest can be in dropped sets. Also, Training is a trait that drops the same as any other trait in zone sets, so there is another way to get it.

    Finally, a sojourn around one of the Starter Islands can net you Armor of the Trainee from chests and mobs. Go there every 10 or so levels to get new gear. The zones are stuffed with Chests that also drop this set, so bring some lockpicks.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • SoftcoverGore47
    Thanks for the help.
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  • zaria
    As some pointed out you can buy training traited cp160 overland set very cheap.
    Note that one use for it is to level skills fast, leveling tank , healer or PvP builds or switching between stamina and magic.

    I have an set of cp150 night silence with magic enchant :) It was for my mag sorcerer and templar to do thief guild dailies :)
    Once healed trough most of nWGT with it before I understod why sustan was so bad and heals weak, recolored it afterward
    Edited by zaria on October 23, 2017 8:24PM
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