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Want to Re-Buy the Game

Soul Shriven
I left ESO for awhile and am now coming back. I have always played the game using a disk on my PS4. I kind of just want to start all over with new characters. Also, the CD is a bit scratched and I don't want to have to rely on it anymore. So I'm thinking I am just going to buy a copy of the game through the PS4 store. That way I have a fresh start and don't have to rely on the CD. Is there anyway I can still use my current ESO account and username? Or do I just have to pick a new one? Will it not let me set up a new account, since I'll be using the same email address? I tried to submit a ticket about this, but the ESO Web Assistant doesn't seem to have any option other than "Contact Sony" and Sony doesn't have any clue what I'm talking about.
  • Beardimus
    Yeah media the game plays from shouldn't matter, just log back in and your data should all be there. I'm Xbox so not 100% sure but 99%
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  • davey1107
    Yes, the game connects to your PS4 account. If you log in via the account you play from the disk from, you could boot the game from anywhere and it will pull up the old account.
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  • Aleuros
    Soul Shriven
    Ah, I got it now. Thank you so much. So no way to really start over from scratch is there? Except maybe to create a new account? Does that violate any terms of service or anything?
  • Streega
    Just delete all your old toons and boom!, new life with old name ;)
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  • ZOS_CoriJ
    Aleuros wrote: »
    Ah, I got it now. Thank you so much. So no way to really start over from scratch is there? Except maybe to create a new account? Does that violate any terms of service or anything?

    It doesn't violate the Terms of Service to access an account that belongs to you or to own more than one account. :)
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  • QuiddityofQuern
    I have both a disk and downloaded version, use disk one when I go to sister's to babysit as smaller install on her machine but have installed version at home for speed and stability.

    To start again delete character toons but if you want to keep your stuff get eso plus so you get craftbag (ingredients etc) and if you can also pay for banker and move belongings and gold first for access by new character(s). Once you have paid for banker he remains even if that toon is deleted. This can speed progress and will benefit you early on.

    Do look at new character builds too for example warden class probably wasn't there when you last played.

    Finally are you wanting to stick with guilds you were previously in or find new ones? Look through your guilds to see if they are still active. Depending on play style I'd recommend joining crafting, pve and trading guilds to start with pvp when you level up a bit.

    Welcome back :smile:
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