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link to ESO Legends, Please?

i played for few days since i saw 3 free packs, i failed to enter, it went missing when i click send to my email, i see no responds.

not sure if this is right site for it, or if was a partnership with card game firm?
link if possible.
  • ZOS_BillE
    Players who received the free code for The Elder Scrolls: Legends were opted into receiving marketing emails from Bethesda and were current ESO Plus members as of 9/14/2017.

    If you would like to opt into future promotional emails, go to, sign in and change your "Marketing Preferences" to receive Bethesda updates on products, news, and other special offers and click "Save" to set your preferences.

    If you were not signed up for these emails and would like to receive a code and have an active ESO Plus membership, please file a ticket with Customer Support. To submit a ticket, log into the help website for The Elder Scrolls Online (, select "Additional Support Options" and pick your platform. Choose "Billing" and "I can't redeem a code." On the following screen, input your Username / email address in the description box along with the request for a code.
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  • Dracofyre
    oh i see, these were for existing accounts before sept 14th, and i enter little late?
    ok, i still have issue with not getting 3 packs, and saying i have invalid username on both sign-on and new sign up, both still "invalid"
    i already had set marketing preferences and saved long time ago for ESO plus.
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