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Constant crashes since last update?

  • PurpleScroll
    I am crashing very frequently when trying to hand in writs in Craglorn. Just now, I've crashed three times in a row back to the desktop. I also get frequent crashes when just trying to log into the game, to the character selection screen. This never used to happen before the last update and my game was very stable. I've tried deleting the ShaderCache file and also ran a repair multiple times, which hasn't worked. I'm on PC EU and my user ID is PurpleScroll.
  • Hersheyballer
    Soul Shriven
    Same here, I noticed a pattern though (at least for me)
    The first time I logged in just fine to choose which character to play. I load to the world zone, and then whenever I tried to go to another zone or when there's a loading screen it always crashed to login screen, and I can't log back in.

    The only way to fix this for me was to completely exit the game and relaunch it, log back in, choose character again.
  • ESO_Maya
    I have many crashes since last patch as well. I send in the crash reports.

    PC NA @ESOMaya
  • Duck
    I started crashing several hours before the scheduled maintenance, and I'm still crashing.
    Nothing changed. Nothing was added or removed from add-on's. I don't know if it makes a difference because I was only on the one character, but she was in Vvardenfell the entire time. Crashed soon after finishing the Forgotten Wastes quest.
    What I lack in gameplaying ability I make up for in smack talk.
  • Chilly-McFreeze
    Wouldn't be as bad if it happens every here and there. But getting kicked to login without an error code several times a day, sometimes even directly in the first 1-2 minutes, makes me reconsidering my investments. Happens more frequent during weekends, at least on PC EU.
  • Betafy
    Soul Shriven
    odd I haven't been getting many crashes except since yesterday I haven't been able to play for more than 10 mins before I get like 5 massive lag spikes then it boots me I'm on PC NA and my username is @Betafy
  • ritterkraft
    Soul Shriven
    Same here, I crash every 30 minutes. Now I can't get past the log on screen without crashing. ESO has NEVER crashed before yesterday. I'm about to ask for a refund to my subscription because the game is unplayable.
  • Zpook
    Same, kicked to login over and over. This has been going on for 2 weeks. Did all the steps sugested by customer service, no change. Linked this thread in my response, got the we know nothing about that reply back.

    PC EU
  • Hurbster
    Sorry to necro this but I'm still crashing with the message 'eso has stopped working' this is during gameplay.

    Eu @Hurbster
    Sort out the Green CP tree, it does not make s sense and is very user unfriendly.
  • Playnice
    I am crashing every few minutes back to the log-in screen. Ping goes from below 100 to 999+ instantly, lots of rubberbanding, and tends to happen most of the day. This issue has started for me around the 2nd week in March and has persisted. I've gone through all the normal and advanced troubleshooting, disabling all addons, updating drivers, etc etc. and nothing has helped. Please update progress on the fix for this. I have spoken to other players in voice chat with this exact same issue.
    Ebonheart Pact
  • Dimitris_1
    Besides the FPS drops, huge lag and sudden latency increase that I mentioned to another thread, I have crashes.
    Already 3 crashes in last 2 days...

    Everything after the maintenance of 14/3/2018 (if I remember well the day)

    PC windows.
    EA Server
    User ID: @Dimitris_1
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