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Would you pay to have a consistent cyrodil PvP play experience lag free?

  • NBrookus
    I paid for a buy to play game.
    I pay $160 per year for a subscription.
    I have occasionally bought crowns for stuff.

    Exactly what else am I supposed to pay to get a smoothly functioning game?
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  • Thrymbauld
    Keep as is
    Already pay Eso plus so shouldn't have to pay any more

    As quoted above, I already pay for a no lag experience.

    They don't deserve more money than my sub fee in order to supply game performance on par with everyone else in the industry.
  • Biro123
    I already pay a monthly subscription - just for the crafting bags, really - and the crowns to buy more bag-space..

    But I only PVP - and only in Cyro.. So really, I'm already paying for Cyro.

    The only way I could get behind this would be if a model comes out where I pay the same amount but don't get access to these DLC's they keep pushing with 2 new dungeons - which I have absolutely no interest in - but I keep paying for..?? And instead, they add stuff to/improve Cyro with that money.. Hell, I don't even want the improved Cyro to be behind a paywall, cos PVP needs numbers to work - it has to be for everyone.. But I would like, as a personal benefit for my money, access to the gear from the DLC dungeons to buy via AP, so that us PVPers who choose to pay for the 'PVP model' can still benefit from any new/improved gear that the new dungeons bring and not be disadvantaged by the simple fact that they don't want to run PVE dungeons.

    Minalan owes me a beer.

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