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[EU PC] Bait Trading House - Trading Guild


Bait Trading House (480+), once a german fisher guild, meanwhile has grown to a strong trading guild which is rotating between the Top-Spots of Tamriel.

We have TS and our chat is active - favourite topics: food, ESO and... well, it would be advantageous, if you are at least 18. ;) Also we have some PVE and PVP partner guilds in AD and EP. You are not only looking for a trading guild, but also for a social place and new contacts for group content from beginner-friendly up to progress? We are the right guild for you. Level doesn't matter.

Chat: german, but we also accept english
TS: availlable and may be used by all members
Rules: 20 days max. offline, sales within 14 days or donation

Partner & friends:
Vivecs Schatten: EP-PVE & PVP @Ferovium

Contact: @Verbalinkontinenz
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