Tea Bagging and you

  • max_only
    This thread is still alive? Amazing!
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  • SkillzMFG
    You-know-what-you-did teabag - Typically a lengthy teabag. This one is reserved specifically for glitchers, line of sighters, gankers, and RUNvX'ers.

    This is the only one I use, especially on line of sighters, hate them from the bottom of my heart since I'm mostly playing range builds.
    Remember killing that 'Blobs' guy after he kited me for like 20 minutes, tea bagged the hell out of him! Got kicked out of his guild instantly lmao, totally worth it if you ask me! :D
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  • pod88kk
    Personally I prefer the weak push up emote because I like to really get it in there
  • NordSwordnBoard
    Tbags are too funny to take seriously. I never do them, not my style. I do however get a kick out of hiding and counter attacking the salty guy who goes after the tbagger getting his buddy. As soon as the bagging begins, I get ready to do more fighting - which is why I'm here, right?

    I have a symbiotic relationship with the tbag. I hold some contempt for it, but I can't deny its place in the ecosystem.
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  • Feanor
    Teabagitus Interruptus

    When you start to bag but somehow didn't know about the other 10 EP that come out of stealth suddenly. Bonus points if you survive.
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  • Neoauspex
    I never teabag, I always salute a worthy opponent.

    But, as a recipient, the absolute worst is the bailed out bag, when you're fighting a low level (or chasing a panicked one) who is no match for you, and a random zerg that he/she is not even associated with swarms you and moves on, and the lowbie stays behind to do the deed. So brutally undeserving, I can't help but laugh.
  • Zalicius
    shadoza wrote: »
    What happened to the "good game," "Good Fight?" Do players really need to behave so badly to gain attention. If you lose, lose with grace. If you win, win with respect.

    Its a game calm down.

    Are you really so offending by someone virtually crouching over your virtual character?

    I'm virtually offended.
  • GDOFWR420
    Ill teabag you for being on the opposing alliance B)
  • NukeAllTheThings
    Don't forget the Taco Dip for the ladies.

    or clam slam
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  • Fasold666
    Zalicius wrote: »
    shadoza wrote: »
    What happened to the "good game," "Good Fight?" Do players really need to behave so badly to gain attention. If you lose, lose with grace. If you win, win with respect.

    Its a game calm down.

    Are you really so offending by someone virtually crouching over your virtual character?

    I'm virtually offended.

    Lol. That's a good one.
  • Chufu
    Teabagging is so senseless...
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  • PS4_ZeColmeia
    Chufu wrote: »
    Teabagging is so senseless...
    Actually teabagging only gets rid of one of your senses. **raises cup of tea** here's to hoping it doesn't enhance the others!
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  • Brutusmax1mus
    The " you deserve more" or "back for seconds" tbag.

    When you get your fill tbagging, mount up, and begin to ride away or run to your next victim but are suddenly overcome with the need to tbag again. Ride back and show more love!
  • hamgatan
    The "D-bagging"

    Pretty much every Teabag falls under this category as it's scientifically proven to be performed 99.9% of the time by some talentless zergling who thinks they have mad skills because they've just taken you down 12 vs 1.

    *clap clap* here.. have a Chupa Chup Corky! :)
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  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    Only loser a-holes t-tag. Grow up.

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  • Neyane
    This list is hilarious :D and revenge tb always!
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  • Drummerx04
    Just-in-Time T-bag: when you are getting zerged and kill one of them and have just enough time to get in a bag or two before dying instantly to 15 destro ults.
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