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help finding another class to level:P

I love my stam NB...great kill potential and escapability in PVP

I want to level another class that I would be able to do well with running mostly solo and sometimes small groups. I figured mag sorc is probably best for this, since they have great survivability and escape potential. Buuuut they seem kinda boring with the shield stacking. Stam warden proc build (tremoscale/viper) with 1h + shield gap closer seems like it would be super effective in killing quickly, but its escape potential seems very limited.

Does anyone have any recommendations based on my playstyle?
  • Dracindo
    Mag sorc is the way to go, but if that's boring, try the stamblade.

    Instead of boring shield stacking, you'll learn how to dodge, which is more fun to do.
  • Metemsycosis
    Stamina Templar.

    When played right, this class can shrug off so much crap thrown its direction, it's not even funny. I think they're equally effective in heavy or medium armor. If you find yourself wanting to heal more effectively, go with heavy. IF you like sprinting, stick with medium. That simple imo.

    The purifies, major mending coupled with something like shuffle, meridia's blessed armor, and the bow's major expedition should make you fairly escapable/survivable.

    That said I'm kinda obsessing over the stamina sorcerer recently. The easy access to speed entices.
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