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Finding Vorundil

I recently noticed that Vampirism was listed as one of my Active effects. I had been fighting some Blood Fiends so guessed one must have bitten me, so I thought I would try vampirism out.
The problem is I can't find Vorundil, having looked all over Rawl'Kha, Riften and Evermore (I might have missed him but I had no quest marker) I asked if anyone knew where to find him. I was advised on the Road South out of Rawl Kha, neear Fort Spinxmoth and near Riften Stables, I can't find him at any of those. I have tried several times with logout out and back in. I am now wondering if I need to do something else to get vampirism or if I have come across a bug.
  • Nestor
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    Have you tried traveling by Wayshrine yet? Or at least going to visit a Wayshrine? Probably not necessary, but more a Role thing, try one that is out of the way or at least not in Rawkla....
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I also ran into this today; I wayshrined to Bankorai, Riften AND Rawl'ka and couldn't find him. If he's there he's very well hidden, but I'm inclined to think he's bugged.
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  • Delimber
    I think you have to go to your home faction to find him.

    For DC he is near one of the wayshrines outside the capital city in Bangkorai.

    For AD he is standing at the arch leading out of Rawl'Kh. (Going west out of town near the bank)

    Can't remember for EP.

    But just fast travel to those respective wayshrines and you should be able to find him.

    Those are the locations I found him.
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  • Karacule_Fairystar
    The quest npc Vorundil will appear at any faction but to progress it you have to go and do it on your own faction instead.
    If you have the "Vampirism(Bats picture and such in your active effects)" He will appear at Rawlkha(either near the stables/woodworking station/bridge), Bangkorai (most notable outside Evermore wayshrine), and I have no idea on The Rift since I don't venture in the Pact. :)
  • Blud
    I couldn't find him either. A DC character bit my AD char at the DC shrine. I couldn't pick up the scroll there, so I went back to Rawl'kha and rode around to all the places mentioned. I ported to Ft. Sphinxmoth, then back to Rawl. Logged out and back in. Still haven't seen him. I will try again later and hope he pops up.
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