receiving mail with attached items bought from guild stores takes too long

  • Kaladin_Ninefingers
    Soul Shriven
    I've found that switching off my wifi on laptop or unplugging Ethernet cable for even 1 or 2 sec and plugging it back in makes the mail appear. Its way faster than relogging for me. I guess the game needs to refresh from the server for the mail to appear.

    EDIT: This doesnt work actually. I think it worked just once and was excited that I found a solution.
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  • magictucktuck
    ZOS actually explained this one time to us when we were complaining on the forums about it. and i cant remember what they said but there is a reason for it. well as in a reason why fixing that via coding was not a simple as we think it is. i hope someone remembers and pulls up the link!


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  • Sithmaga
    Grr I bought armor three days ago from a guild and never got it.
  • Morgul667
    Would deserve some QoL improvement
  • Threemoons
    Having issues receiving mail with attachments from other players....
  • nordic_two
    It seems like guild store mail has a periodic cycle where your client checks for mail. In some cases you are right on the cycle when you buy something so you get the mail right away. Other times you arent and it wont show up for ~ 5 minutes. You can always 'force' it to update by relog or change zones.
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