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Natch Potes - Stupid Idea Bingo for 3.0.2

  • t3hdubzy
    Resource pools

    MAX resource pools now hard cap at 25k each. This will decrease the damage done across the board, while also forcing all players to be hybrid builds for a true "have it your way" experience.

    Weve also removed damage glyphs from the game for newer players who dont realize they must use sustaim glyphs instead.
  • HugeMuffin
    New Housing Items!

    Added cost shrines which are only compatible with limited edition crown housing. The cost shrines are only available as a drop from the Frostcaster and Grim Harlequin crafted writs.

    You may put one shrine into your house and the active shrine reduces costs by the old CP cost reduction values.

    Developer Comments
    We were getting tired of having to heavy attack spam in our testing and decided that letting players use a skill on occasion was more fun
    Edited by HugeMuffin on May 1, 2017 6:18PM
  • Kerioko
    t3hdubzy wrote: »

    We have removed combat, enjoy your gameplay.

    Developer Comment:

    This is done in an effort to fix balance for all classes and reduce lag in cyrodiil.
    This is a buff if you RP.
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  • Wrubius_Coronaria
    Major class changes for balance

    - All classes has been removed from the game, except warden.

    Developper comment
    For solve easily all problems related to class balance, we have chosen to delete all classes, except the warden. Because everything will be easier for us. This will be a buff for everyone.
    Note : Warden will be obtainable only with Morrowind digital collector edition upgrade.
  • Elsterchen
    :* since the real natch potes still take a while ...



    All skills including the wording "aedric" or "light" in their description will now grant a 0,001% light damage boost when used against deadra, chicken AND mudcrabs.

    developers comment
    We just noticed that every other class has the option to add elemental damage through some of their skills, DK got fire, NBs got poison, sorc got shock and warden ice. We felt the templar should get some elemental damage option, too. So we created the light elemental damage. However, we failed to come up with any suitable targets for this new and unique elemental damage, exept the obvious: daedra. To encourage use of the new sort of elemental damage for new players and competetive endgame we used our hard data to make a real complex multi-option-tree-based-multiple-trunked-batched analysis and determined the most probable enemies: daedra in questing through the starter areas, chicken as they truely annoyingly spot one while sneaking through craglorn desperatelly trying to avaoid enemy contact and ofc mudcrabs - the enemie of every templar trying to tackle the last option to play: hardcore master angling!

    Now get down on your knees and say thank you!
  • Uriel_Nocturne
    Class Healing Skills & Passive Skills

    We've removed Healing and all related Healing Skills from all Classes in an effort to continue to balance all Classes Equally.

    - In that regard, we've removed the Magicka Restoration from Heavy Staff attacks and the Stamina Restoration from Heavy Weapon attacks.
    - Heavy Attacks now Restore Health, but the charge time has been increased to five seconds (up from 2 seconds).

    Developer Notes
    We felt that having the Classes be able to Heal in any form on their own was giving Players too little build options, so we decided to make this change in an effort to allow all Classes more freedom to choose where/how they want their Healing to come from. Except for Wardens. We have some kind of huge, rock-hard loaf of meat going for Wardens; Pre-order yours today!!!
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  • Sinolai
    Sorcerer balance changes will be released later.
    Developer Notes
    We had many interesting changes planned for Sorcerer but we still haven't gotten into agreement with Wrobel which of them should be implemented to the game.

    Dragon Leap and it's morphs cast range reduced by 17 meters and instead of knockbacking all the enemies in the area it now slams them deep underground and roots them, but also grants them immune to attacks for a varying duration. Caster does a triple back flip.
    Developer Notes
    We are not quite sure what happened and how to fix it so we call this a new feature. Hope you like it! :smile:

    Cloak no longer makes you invisible but grants you major protection and major ward instead.
    Developer Notes
    This ability was unique to Nightblade class so we felt like we should get rid off it for the sake of "Play as you want". The new ability is more in line with general buffs.

    Templar class has been completely removed from the game. Old templars are converted to empty "template" classes with no class skills and 100 base max magicka, max stamina and max health.
    Developer Notes
    We have been trying to get rid of all Templars in order to promote Warden. However, some presistant Templar players had remained in game, which is why we had to take more radical approach. We hope this change finally makes you delete your old Templars.

    NPCs around the tarmiel will now move their lips correctly while levitating above the ground.
    Guard in front of Hew's Bane will no longer only sit on air but also buries to the ground when walking.
    NPCs in Belkarth can now be muted by interacting with them and telling the to to shut up.
    Bugfinder (also known as "Pugfinder" or rarely as "Dungeon Finder") has been improved and now kicks you out of the dungeon before you even enter!

    Edited by Sinolai on May 2, 2017 12:00PM
  • F7sus4
    Oh... so this is the "post random BS for Awesomes" thread. :)
  • wimhwimladimf
    Crown Store:
    - removed cooldown from Tri-Restoration Potions which restore all kind of resource.

    developers comment
    This is our solution for players who have problems with resource managment.
  • ofSunhold
    Dungeons and Trials:
    Before every boss in each dungeon and trial, a random player will be teleported to Cyrodiil and a random player in Cyrodiil will brought in their place.

    Developer Comments
    We are committed to balancing PVP and PVE content together so that the transition between the two is seamless. Forced teleportation will ensure that players are able to enjoy all content equally. Players will now be encouraged to run diverse builds that excel in multiple types of content.


    ah hahahaha the forum would spontaneously combust
    Classes that don't need any class ability nerfs: Nightblades, Dragonknights, Sorcs, Templars, Wardens.
  • altemriel
    We have finally added spellcrafting and also storage to housing

    developer comments:
    nah, just kidding...
    Edited by altemriel on May 2, 2017 10:52AM
  • xSkullfox

    -Removed Templar class

    Developer comment
    Due the changes and buffs the Templar was OP, so we needed to balance the game.
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  • altemriel
    we removed cloak, streak and summon shade from nightblades, just because f nightblades
  • Mordenkainen

    Class has been removed.

    Developer Comment

    Due to player feedback we acknowledge nerfs are bad. Nightblades are not truly gone, their cloaking ability was merely buffed. We also have no idea what we are doing.
  • Kram8ion
    Twin blade blunt now has a literal meaning and damaged is reduced to two pointy sticks :/

    Battle spirit now turns all weapon abilities into channeled attacks for a more consistent and smooth combat lag :|
    Edited by Kram8ion on May 2, 2017 11:32AM
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • Nelson_Rebel
    This thread tripped me out
  • Tib
    General improvements and fixes

    Unrelated, we have removed more cats from offices and other areas.

    Developer Comment

    This is a buff if you hate cats, and a nerf if you love them. :'(

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  • F7sus4
    altemriel wrote: »
    we removed cloak, streak and summon shade from nightblades, just because f nightblades
    Simply put - ZOS is apparently good at removing things that aren't even there. ;)
  • wimhwimladimf
    developer comment:
    In order to improve our "fast paced action", we've decide to make one more change which will also help with resource managment.

    Resource managment:

    - Players will now restore additional 300 stamina each time they jump and 300 magicka each time they move 1m backwards.

    developer comment 2
    You've already meet mad god Sheogorath, now it's time to meet mad ZOS Devs
  • Mettaricana
    t3hdubzy wrote: »
    Resource pools

    MAX resource pools now hard cap at 25k each. This will decrease the damage done across the board, while also forcing all players to be hybrid builds for a true "have it your way" experience.

    Weve also removed damage glyphs from the game for newer players who dont realize they must use sustaim glyphs instead.

    Not even gonna lie that sounds pretty cool or soft cap 25k hard cap 30k
  • HugeMuffin
    Nightblade Siphoning Skills

    Siphoning Strikes Morphs

    Increased resource return by 50%. Light and heavy attacks now return a maximum of 600 points of a resource

    Developer Comment
    Maybe Nightlbades will shut up now. They should crawl back in their hole and take what we give them.

    Siphoning Attacks

    Still Costs Magicka and only returns Magicka.

    Developer Comment
    Don't make me take out my belt.

    Leeching Attacks
    Added 20% weapon damage debuff while active.

    Developer Comment
    That's for ganking my sorcerer in PvP.
    Edited by HugeMuffin on May 2, 2017 1:11PM
  • titaniumdust
    Restoration Staff: All skills and morphs now only return health to the caster.

    Developer Comments: This reduces the need for healers to feed health to tanks and DPS. Magicka based players who wish to have increased healing should diversify their builds by using a restoration staff as their off weapon. Stamina based players who wished to have increased healing should diversify their builds by investing all of their points into magicka and then equipping a restoration staff.
  • raatti
    Soul Shriven
    Was this already here?

    Fixed an issue where players had stamina and magicka when they logged into the game. All players now enter the game with no resources to better get players accustomed to all the nothingness they can now do.
    Damn, we were tasked to like create some content.. but could not finish in time so just a placeholder for real stuff
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