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Feedback on Cyrodiil O'tick changes.

  • Psilent
  • Rohamad_Ali
    Zvorgin wrote: »
    Why are the keeps undefended ? Playing the map is what Cyrodiil is designed around , not sitting at one outpost and farming AP while losing castles and home keeps . It's good they added incentive to play the campaign . When you rewards players for sitting in one spot more then the people trying to win the campaign objective , you just create a community of AP farmers that fight for top spot until a desirable gets highs enough AP to push for Emp . That is so old .

    There is no incentive for a guild to even claim a keep and so no one does.

    Keeps should be meaningful.

    Doug of Bladerfail would probably disagree .
  • Elsterchen
    A defense should be worth far more than a capture


    Both capturing and defense need to be rewarding and that is: equally rewarding, otherwise we have either keep/ressource flipping or turtle-keep-fights... and both are clearly not what PVP should be.
  • NBrookus
    Zvorgin wrote: »
    NBrookus wrote: »
    Valencer wrote: »
    It should just be divided among everyone, instead of giving everyone a flat value....

    This. Don't reward zergballing resources.

    Additionally, I do like the AP cooldown, but feel it should be per player. So a player can't get o-ticks more often than every 5 minutes, regardless of what towns/resources/keeps they are taking.

    I disagree, I solo resources at enemy home keeps a lot because it's a good way to get small scale fights, but if no one shows up at the first resource and I take a second or third, i shouldn't be punished and get no AP when I'm helping my alliance by cutting off enemy fast travel through that keep.

    If no one shows up, 5 minutes is probably not an issue before you move on and finish flipping the flag solo on the next one.
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    The keeps aren't always empty. Often myself and 2 others will be there trying to defend it against like a group of 24 enemies who are just there for an O tick. Rest of the faction aren't there to help because they are somewhere else capturing resources for O ticks with an unnecessary amount of players. They turn up in time to flip the keep back for an o tick though after I died trying to defend it.
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  • The-Baconator
    A defense should be worth far more than a capture

    I agree that zerging down empty keeps is too rewarding right now but this is way off. You have to work 10x harder to capture a keep when you're outnumbered at 1:3-4 odds than you do when you're defending and you should be rewarded for doing something that is significantly more difficult. The problem is the current system just doesn't do that, it rewards taking the keep at the cost of stacking any amount of players not putting yourself in a situation where the odds are stacked against and coming out on top.
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  • Wolfchild07
    They should make defensive ticks worth more. Alliances just let enemies take keeps, then take it back because they get more AP that way. Noone cares about defending most of the time.
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