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Looking for a Master Crafter on Xbox Eu

I'm looking to for someone on Xbox Eu who's Able to craft 5 Pieces of twice born star set I will provide all Mats Ect. And a fee upfront and an additional fee once you've traded the pieces with me
I am Regis Solis the wandering warrior socerer
  • Beardimus
    Hi @KingRegis trading threads normally get locked, but msg me I can help. Need to know weight, pieces, style, trait, improvement level, rank etc
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  • ZOS_AntonioP
    Hello everyone,

    This post is to let you know that we've felt it necessary to close this thread. The reason being that this thread is meant to advertise the buying of in-game items for gold. While trading is encouraged in-game, we like to avoid users publicly arranging trades on the forums. For what is allowed on the Crafting forums, please view this thread.

    Thank you for understanding!
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