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Constantly kicked to login screen.

Soul Shriven
For the last few hours, I just get kicked the login screen whenever I try to log a character in. I have repaired the files, done everything I've read and it still is happening.
  • Floki_Vilgerdarson
    Welcome to ESO
  • captainquentab14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I just came back to the game, played at launch for a couple months. I can't believe this kind of things still exists.
  • Saraya
    As of past two days I cannot even get to login screen. Sometimes it actually tells me I was disconnected for inactivity..

    ESO is on SSD with 200mbit connection, usually loading is several seconds..last few months it gets slower and slower. Once I did get in, other players and npcs would take up to ten seconds to show up around me in the world. Also combat felt a bit sluggish.

    PST server is fine.

    Not fun times.

    Just realised if I hit enter while shown the first loading screen before characters, it I hear the audio sound for selecting a character (e.g. hitting PLAY button). Then shortly after the next loading screen appears where upon it crashes the game with an error quit unexpectedly.

    No ***.
    Edited by Saraya on April 26, 2017 8:42PM
  • Arsboo
    Soul Shriven
    Ipv6 and shadowcache doesn't do anything, to be right any solution for me doesn't do anything and i pretty much tried everything i read, tried to read the single packet with wireshark but i'm not an expert, as soon there is a RST/ACK packet which i think indicate the destination source ( the game server) handle the connection bad or somethign like that then there are some packet which close the connection and game over. Back to the login screen server, and relog on another game server.

    I will resist another 10-15 days before quit, want to try the end game but i'm not gonna to play the game in this condition, if i know that the tech departement could see what' going on i could have hope, but this problem is YEARS old and no solution, just the random port forwarding, re download, firewall ecc recomandations
  • Arsboo
    Soul Shriven
    well 5 dc in less then 40 minutes, i'm guess i'm done with this game, thx for nothing zenimax, keep telling yourself is our internet, addons and wrong repair and not your poor client, this happen only with eso

    Also a shame your support marked my ticket as "solved", what a joke
  • mbn89
    ...happens to me
  • Jollygoodusername
    Same boat at the moment. Constant DC, high ping. Just glad I cancelled my Sub or I'd be rather upset >_<
  • potaco
    Soul Shriven
    I just got onboard during the recent HumbleBundle sale and am experiencing these disconnects nonstop.
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