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Reducing Regen on light attack CP / Small Scale, Solo PvP

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Please, please, no. Sustain was already hit hard enough (thankfully), but this is something that literally only affects solo/small scale players. Removing dynamic ulti regen completley (I think it should be in the game to a certain extent) and adding in AoE caps is already a bit hit on solo/small scale pvp. If these factors had to be removed 'cause it gave people getting outnumbered an advantage (which I think they should have, 'cause they're getting disadvantaged enough by being outnumbered, so they should be favored in counter play).

BUT AT LEAST make it so that people getting outnumbered have an EQUAL advantage as any other playing in the zerg, which with that I mean, make it so that the ONLY advantage bigger groups have is their numbers, and nothing else. Considering the group you're fighting has 'n' players, they have 'n' times your health, stamina and magicka, 'n' times your damage, healing and tankyness (of course these are really general statements, but you get the point).

Decreasing somebody's recovery with light attacks is literally a DISADVANTAGE applied ONLY upon who's getting outnumbered.

Resume: Don't want to give the outnumbered an advantage to even the odds a little bit with bigger groups, FINE, but DON'T give even MORE help to the ones outnumbering...

(OBS: Sorry if this was a little confusing, I tried repeating the terms I was using to make it more understadable, it might of made it more confusingg I'll try to make a quick drawing to exemplify my point...

DISCLAIMER: with small scale in this post I mostly mean 1-3 man groups.
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  • Waffennacht
    I think they are making it make up for the reduction in poison effectiveness.

    I was thinking 3v1 means 1 could potentially lose 30% regen, which for let's say 2k regen is 600. Poisons are now only 30% cost increase, meaning I were to cast a spell that cost 3k, becomes 4k, and in the regen factor, and it's practically the same as the full on poison.

    Im not disagreeing necessarily, just giving a possibility?

    This, however, is far easier to apply and consistent than poisons...
    Edited by Waffennacht on April 18, 2017 8:08PM
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  • Quantum_V
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    You might be right, man! Interesting way to look at it... I still think the overall poison thing deserves the same argument tho... I don't think poisons should exsist, haha
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  • incite
    Poisons climbed up the ladder and made their way into the cp stars

    Now that you adjusted the cp that way, it would be nice to remove poisons completely from pvp

    While you at it, take shieldbreaker with aswell
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  • Jynxe
    im happy they are doing something about roots and snares...ffs its annoying when your being zerged.
    Edited by Jynxe on April 19, 2017 8:27AM
  • Beardimus
    I'm inclined to agree. In particular as this is yet another nerf for Mag users using DW. (which ZOS have hated for a few patches)
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