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Yet another PVP Wishlist

Dear Brian Wheeler and ESO PVP game developers:

With Battlegrounds coming I thought I would take a minute and share a few things I wish for that would make Cyridiil better and maybe bleed over to Battlegrounds.

1. Faction Changes - I have been saving my crowns forever. Yes I know they won't matter in Battlegrounds, but I refuse to play two of my alts because they are in the wrong faction for Cyrodiil. Please let me spend my crowns on a faction change. There is a blank spot on the Service Tokens section of the Upgrades available in the Crown Store. I will by two on day one.

2. PVP Events - You have a lot of events that give double XP and even gear drops, but you only gave us double AP once when you needed to test the servers. You won't even let us eat cake in Cyrodiil. Can we have a matching event that give bonus AP.

3. Armor Storage - We have the crafting bag for all our crafting needs and now we need something for PVP. If I want to jump from CP to No CP campains or battlegrounds right now, it usually involves switching alts, dropping gear in the bank, and maybe multiple alts. I would like to be able to keep specific gear sets time to an armor storage feature that can be shared across alts, by just opening the Armor trunk (or whatever) and grabbing it.

4. Voice chat - A ZOS based voice chat for the pug groups on Battlegrounds would make those groups so much better. I know that Discord, Teamspeak, and others are free and easy enough, but how nice that would be if it were built in to the game - or give the game chat developers a better hook in the game so I can easy join the voice chat application the group prefers.

5. Health Bug Fix - can you please allow us a way to fix the health bug without suicide, death port or logout? How about "/resethealth" or have "/reloadui" fix it.

6. Loading Screens - For the love of the gods please make these go away - They are worse than the lag was. I saw a charachater named "Loading Screen of Death" the other day which shows you how bad this impacts the game. Please, please, please never let me experience these 3 minute timeouts in battlegrounds.
  • TheBonesXXX
    FFA faction, seamless Cyrodiil, true balance and the removal of inflated stats, the Cyrodiil bandaid fix buff, and mechanic enhancing gear. Fix CP, make the game pro active and reactive again.

    Remove the ground indicator from Coldfire again and make it melt zergs once more.

    Give all player AoEs the Prox Det treatment. Make siege great again. (Bring back the hattrick)

    Stop dumbing down the game and making all the classes big dumb brute classes, it takes very little to play any classes outside NB.

  • Vapirko
    Good luck getting any significant changes to come to cyrodill especially with attention focused on battlegrounds and Morrowind.
  • Zander98
    I want a Winnebago.
    Zane Altise- The Drunken Sorc

    "The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head"-Pratchett
  • Gilvoth
    my wish, is for increased sneak speeds.
    rest assured, that i did read your response to my feedback comment(s), i always do. and unless i respond back to your comment directly, then i will always stand by my original feedback statement.
  • incite
    I wish zos caring
    PC EU

    no1 knows me, no1 cares about me but sshh, don't tell

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