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Cyrodiil tips

im a returning player but pretty much a noob. Previously I've mostly avoided pvp but I want to give it a proper go. My experience of Cyrodiil is spawn, look for an attack, get to the attack too late, get destroyed by a few enemies then spawn and repeat. There has been a few times I've found a group and had some fun but mostly I'm on my own. Ive tried using the group tool but that doesn't seem to work. I'm certainly not the best player in Tamriel but I'm definitely not the worst either. Every time I go to cyrodiil I feel like I'm missing something. I want to like it but it's hard to not get bored after a 10 minute horse ride only to die after your first encounter with the enemy. Can anyone give me a few tips? I'm rolling with a board and sword as a DK tank.
  • geonsocal
    dependant on you alliance - you'll have 2 or 3 contact points with the other alliances...

    use the transit stones to get to the furthest point your alliance holds...go outside, watch for other players, the more the better...follow folks to the action (also, try playing on the most popular map)...

    i hear ya about being a dk tank; however, a lot of cyrodiil pvp is ranged combat, so, make sure you have either a bow or staff to use...

    use food/drinks, try positioning yourself at an outpost or keep that the enemy will attack (cuts down on mount riding), also watch out for "camps" on your map - indication of a "good" fight...

    check text chat to see where different groups might be heading...

    once you get good at reading the map and figuring out where the "hot" spots are, you'll stay pretty busy...

    best fights are when all 3 alliances get involved...
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  • NBrookus
    Your initial experience is pretty normal. It seems like such chaos at first! Watch out for calls in zone chat that something is under attack so you can get there while transit is open. If you tell us what server and faction, we may be able to point you to a PUG guild that picks up new players.
    Mikeash609 wrote: »
    I'm rolling with a board and sword as a DK tank.

    This is problem #1. A solo tank is eventually a dead tank; even the best tanks go down under enough pressure. In PvP, everyone needs to tank, dps and heal to a certain extent, especially in small groups or solo. Being on the tanky side is good for starting out, but add damage so you can fight back. If you are a mag DK, sword and board works, but for a stam DK put 2H on your back bar for rally (healing) and a few hard hitting damage abilities.

    Also, are you in your PvE gear, or do you have a set for PvP?
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  • ofSunhold
    If you aren't already, look for "x for group" announcements in zone. Some groups are great and some not so much, but either way you'll get to fight and see what other people are doing.

    Find a guide. Just google for PvP guide + Cyrodiil. There is a ton of stuff about PvP that isn't intuitive or made clear by the game itself, somebody has to tell you. Written guides are endlessly patient, and other people have checked them for accuracy. ;)

    Enjoy the horse rides, there will be lots of them.

    Be fearless. You'll die a lot fearless, and you'll die a lot timid, but fearless is way more fun.
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  • fred4
    You might go to IC. Less riding.

    I think being an outright tank in PvP is for group play. On your own you have to be able to do some damage as well, otherwise what are you hoping to accomplish? Perhaps try sets like Fury, Fasalla, Black Rose, 7th Legion, Knight Errant, Tremorscale (all on the tanky side).

    How is your duelling? My experience in PvP improved drastically when I returned after doing lots of duelling.

    I have some of the same difficulty with my DK, a melee fighter. Gap closers frequently fail, due to lag. In case they succeed, you have to be careful to not jump right into the middle of an enemy group, or you'll die. Staying within allied lines and attacking from range is much easier.
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  • Biro123
    Follow allies and try to stay close to multiple allies while in combat... Then when you die, you'll
    usually get a rezz saving that long ride back. Don't over extend, and as already mentioned, try to stay behind the front lines as much as possible while still learning.
    The longer you can stay alive by staying near/behind allies, the longer you will stay in combat, the longer you are in combat the more you will learn about how to survive.
    When you get better at that, you'll he able to spend more time in the front lines..
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