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    Myself I always wanted a class like the monk in Diablo 3. Melee magick type, using their fists/martial arts.

    Was so much fun :(

    Man you missed on everquest 2 monk they where similar and awesome. The rest of mmorpgs with a monk like class are big pay to win games or terrible voice acted j like mmorpg.

    Fist fighting monks in TES are lore wise... in fact...

    This is from Morrowind

    and this from Oblivion
    Sarcasm is something too serious to be taken lightly

    I was born with the wrong sign
    In the wrong house
    With the wrong ascendancy
    I took the wrong road
    That led to the wrong tendencies
    I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
    For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
    On the wrong day of the wrong week
    Used the wrong method with the wrong technique
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    Thank you, Xvorg!
    Updated theme message.
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