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Bone tatters and dubious

Hey guys, i'm not here to *** post about this combo, i think its welcomed for stam.

what i'm here for is for either zos, or anyone here who has information on whether this combination is supposed to work, not your opinions on if it should for the sake of balance.

various online resources it seems everyone has either heard the food recipe itself is bugged and should say drink, or that dubious will be changed to food. as always, no one can provide any sources from zos themselves.

hoping someone here may have actual information, keep the opinions on the combo in another thread please.

EDIT: i hope this is the right place for this, i usually hang in the pvp board.
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  • UppGRAYxDD
    Prob gonna stay the way it is, a drink that works...unless someone runs it on a magical Templar. Then it will instantly be nerfed or changed to a food.
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