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Nordic Empire Is a free trading guild and we are recruiting.

Nordic Empire

Is a Guild that goes back to the beginning. We are a light hearted bunch who like to play and sell our spoils. No muss No fuss , you will never be bothered for Dues,Raffles,auctions,50/50,etc
We bid with what we get in Donations and taxes.

We also have a Guild Hall , It has all the crafting stations (jewelry station also), TRANSMUTE STATION, dye station ,multiple DPS dummies, MERCHANT and BANKER.

We also have a community page NORDIC EMPIRE join up and use it to communicate and schedule things with fellow members , also have discord for those interested.

We also have many Master Crafters to help with any gear needs.

READ GUILD MOTD (message of the day ) to keep up with current events and guild Ranks .

Thank You for checking us out !
* we currently have openings for new members*
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