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Group finder tool bugged after completing a dungeon

All right, so the title pretty much says it all, but I will try my best to mention as many details as I can.

General info about the bug and about me:
After you complete a dungeon and stay in your group, if you try to queue for a dungeon (another one or the same one, it doesn't matter), you will get the ready check and after everyone confirms that they're ready, you won't (automatically) get teleported in the next dungeon and you will get the "Activity complete" message no matter what, untill you disband the group and recreate it (or join another one).
I am playing on the PC, EU server. This bug has been around since the first incremental patch was implemented, after the Homestead update, as far as I remember. I always hoped that someone would report it or that it will be solved, but apparently that did not happen, so here I am, posting this discussion.

How to reproduce this bug:
-Form a group and start queuing for a dungeon (any dungeon) or do it by yourself, it doesn't matter.
-Complete the dungeon by killing all or most of the bosses (including the last one, of course).
-After completing that dungeon, you can either exit it or stay in it, it doesn't matter. Ask the group leader (if you're not the leader) to queue up for another dungeon. You'll see that despite the ready check and the confirmation that the group has been formed, you won't get automatically teleported into the dungeon you queued up for, untill you disband the group and try again.

Because of the fact that everyone experiences this bug (it doesn't matter who is the leader or who is part of the group) and because of how easy it is to be reproduced, I haven't attached any screenshots.

@ZOS_GinaBruno , @ZOS_JessicaFolsom , I am sorry, but I have to tag you in this thread, simply because I find this bug really annoying and because it has been around for quite some time now. Please let me know if you need even more details or even screenshots (altough I'd be surprised if those are needed).
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  • Stormahawk
    Can confirm. Had this happen to my group as well when we were doing pledges and using the group finder to get to them.
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