Summerset and Shalks

I'm always desperate for any scrap of altmer lore ZOS throws our way, and I couldn't help but notice the quest in Grahtwood where you have to help the altmer carnival troupe. One of the altmer mentions being a "bug-wrangler" and laments that his shalk beetles are having trouble adapting to the climate outside of Summerset. So, is this meant to imply that shalks, and perhaps other giant insects live in the Summerset Isles? We didn't see any in Auridon, but I'd be interested to know more about the altmer relationship to insects and whether or not it's similar to the dunmer.

Again, this is mostly just desperate ramblings as I try my hardest to learn something cohesive about altmer other than their snobbery. Hopefully someone else noticed this little tidbit and finds it mildly interesting.
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