Installation on drive other than C?

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I recently purchased an ASUS ROG laptop from a friend, in good condition, factory reset and all that, works like new. It has a SSD for the System Drive (C://) with about 100GB space. The main data drive, E://, is a HDD with 500GB. I want to install all my games on my data drive and save the SSD for OS and system related functions. I went to install ESO, and I told the launcher to install in my E drive, but when I told the then installed launcher to install the game, it did NOT let me choose my destination and decided it would plop the game in C Program Files x86, deciding it knew better than me and would just proceed to cram into my SSD. Is there a way I can tell this damn thing to go to my E instead of my C? Can I move the files to E after install? I want to play ESO on my laptop as much as my desktop but if you won't let me choose to install on my data drive, I won't do it. Please help.
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    Download the Launcher to the drive you want to install on, and run it from there.

    If the install is already started on your existing drive, see this
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    I did exactly what Nestor is suggesting only yesterday ;)
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