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Dreugh king slayer set

5 piece gives 20% major brutality all the time and 30% speed after you kill something... in my character sheet the major brut doesn't show ever. My slimeclaw minor brut does show... I kill all the time, haven't seen the speed boost... is this set broke? Please explain why it's not if it's not broke. if it is, fix it?please?
  • agegarton
    I see the same thing (or don't see, as the case may be) - but, on the other hand, when I remove a piece of DKS to remove the 5-set bonus, my weapon power does drop accordingly. Replace the piece to regain the 5-set bonus, and weapon power increases.

    It seems that the buff is applied, but the tooltips are - shock, horror - inconsistent.
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  • ZOS_Day
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into it and working on fixing it.
    Combat/Gameplay Team
    Staff Post
  • BlanketFort
    I get the speed buff, but my weapon damage on the character sheet does not show major brutality.

    EDIT: maior brutality doesn't apply, at all.
    Edited by BlanketFort on November 8, 2016 7:38AM
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