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Daily Enchanter Rune quest fails to recognize crafting of corect rune

Soul Shriven
Noob question. For weeks I have had a problem with the Daily enchant crafting quest. I took note of this originally because I did not realize within the quests that they moved delivery site to another region (Grahtwood not Auridion) and first thought I could not deliver to the quest chest. After first asking devs for help, I resolved itself by taking a boat over to drop it off (no hints from devs were useful). But since this started I have had a recurring problem where the quest repeatedly does not recognize that I have created the right rune. The current quest asks for a Minor Glyph of Health, I have created 3 and none are recognized. I am now in a cycle of even abandoning the quest, grabbed a new daily and created a new rune it, which it may or may not recognize almost by happenstance. Its only affecting enchanting and I know during my prior difficulties the devs reset something for me. Is their a counter behind this quest that could be causing problems? This has killed any progress with enchanting and burns through runes pretty quick.

  • NolaArch
    Dumb question, but I'm going to ask just to be sure:
    You're definitely using a Ta, right?
    If you don't have the addon "lazy writ crafter", I'd suggest getting that. Let it craft for you, and see if that fixes things for you.
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  • Martin_Umbranox
    Soul Shriven
    Never a dumb question. Honestly sometimes I think I must be reading it wrong and I triple check. I have been doing them correctly. I had 4 in my inventory today after continuing to try. All the other daily quests work fine. Enchanting was working fine until the day the quest went to fulfill out of the region I was in. IN fact that give me an idea. Maybe I will go to another region and create the and see what it does, Its just enchanting giving me grief.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
  • Martin_Umbranox
    Soul Shriven
    Went to Eldenroot in Grahtwood and created it there. It took it and the dropoff destination was set to Marbruk in Greeshade. Very interesting.

    Will have keep track of it.
  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    Have you been putting skill points into enchanting? I'm not entirely sure if it was messed with for One Tamriel.. but the writ drop off location will correspond to your crafting level for that craft. So one day you'd drop off in grahtwood, but then you level up enchanting and put a skill point in.. you'll have to drop off in green shade.

    As for it not recognizing... Sorry not sure. I would have said the same thing the poster above and said ensure you are creating a white glyph (using ta) :( I premake all my glyphs so it auto competes when I pick up the writ and haven't had any issues.
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