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Undaunted delve daily not resetting on time

What the title says. Bolgrul does not offer a new quest at the same time that many of the other givers do, such as the FG, MG, daily pledges, writs etc. While the latter sources always reset at 2PM (GMT+8) Bolgrul's timer seems to be 24 hours after you last completed his quest. Please look into this.
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  • NerevarTelvanni
    Just tried (9.30 PM CST) to get a quest from Bolgrul, and he's acting like I just completed one, telling me to come back tomorrow. I've only done one of his quests (got the risk and challenge achivemnt) and that was on 10.6.2016, the day after 1T patch dropped.

    NA server
    Forged by war the Ebonheart rose
    And drove the Akaviri back to the sea
    When the enemy begged for the mercy they lacked
    Three voices as one shouted "Blood for the Pact!"
    Forged by war, our story be told
    No shackles can hold us
    Whether moonstone or gold.
  • Huntsman316
    I am getting this as well. I did the quest yesterday, but to my knowledge, this is supposed to reset every day - and it's not allowing me to pick up the quest again.
  • Qyrk
    It may be related but I had same problem of bolgrul not giving any quest on the intended time. I checked other enclaves and it gave me these quest. Both times this happens, it was in deshaan
  • BergisMacBride
    Happened twice to different chars over the last two days with me - both times in Deshaan. Was able to pick up the quest in Stormhaven.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno, could you get the devs to look into this please? Thanks.
  • Qyrk
    More info guys. It is definitely deshaan location that is bugging out (confirmed by several lads from today). Current workaround is to pick up the quest from other enclaves other than deshaan (at least for people affected, it works).
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