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Selene's Web: Adds on the final boss fight can occasionally become stuck and untargetable

In Selene's Web, adds on the final boss fight can occasionally become stuck and untargetable.


When the adds first spawn, they spawn as invincible, untargetable NPCs (the in-game nameplate is green). Once they jump into the battlefield, they turn into hostile NPCs that can be attacked. However, it is possible for them to not convert into a targetable NPC, as shown in this screenshot.

In this case, the Mender at the top got stuck on the web and never fully completed the jump-down. However, they were still able to launch attacks (though with all the other incoming damage, I could not tell if his attacks actually did damage or not--but there were definitely projectiles being fired by this green-nameplated NPC).

Reproduction of this issue is inconsistent. I did a handful of Selene runs yesterday for the pledge, and this happened only once.
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