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Highest provisioning writ requiring prior tier recipes

Posting here as I suspect this is a bug and unintended consequence of changing max level writ turn-ins back to Craglorn.

I run daily max prov writs on 4 chars. The last two days, half have required the prior tier recipes (e.g., Fresh Apples and Eidar Cheese\Khenarthi's Wings Chai) that we needed before the Orsinium dlc. In addition, these same writs also gave a level VI (CP 50 or 100) recipe reward just like before. The other half required the current CP 150 (level VII) recipes and gave the appropriate reward.

This does not appear to be a char-specific issue. I've had one char need the "old" level VI recipes one day and the higher level ones the next. I think these prior tier recipes must have worked themselves back into the rotation with the change to the Belkarth quest turn-in.

@ZOS_GinaBruno, can see if this is a bug or intended? If it is not a bug, IMO it needs to be reverted. Thanks!
  • smacx250
    I saw the same thing with the max provisioning writ today - CP50 recipes required, obtained a CP100 recipe in the VI box.

    Edit: The inspiration and gold rewards were 20K and 664g - which I think is correct.
    Edited by smacx250 on October 6, 2016 4:43PM
  • MasterSpatula
    Hhhm I thought there was a bug that was making Tier VI writs into Tier V, considering the recipes needed, turn-in location, and reward were all Tier V. I didn't see anything in the Patch Notes saying that the turn--in location for Tier VI was supposed to be Craglorn now.
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  • Beardimus
    Saw another thread on this, isn't the issue that Tier VI Recipe Improvement passive actually covers CP50,100 &150CP. This is asking for all writ recipes on that tier (18 alot of slots!)
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  • smacx250
    I don't know that anything is "wrong" per-say, but it is different. Definitely didn't need those lower-level recipes before the patch. Maybe it also used to take character CP into account, and it no longer does? It is going to be a little more cumbersome needing to have more mats stocked and having extra food & drink lying around.
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