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Character Slots across servers

Probably been answered before but I never bothered because I wasn`t planning on ever playing on EU but now I`m installing it.... feeling the thrill to start from scratch again. So here is my question:

Will the extra character slots purchased on NA be available on EU? My little finger points HIGHLY towards NOPE, spend you cash kid!

So.... yes or no? :confused:
  • AzraelKrieg
    Nope. Crown store purchases don't transfer between platforms or servers
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    Azrael Krieg - EP NB – 50
    Uvithasa Telvanni – EP DK – 50
    More-Tail - EP Warden - 50
    Narile Galen - EP Sorc - 50
    Az the Bulwark of Skål - EP Warden - 50
    Rilasi Sedas - EP Warden - 50
    Rayna Andalen - EP Templar - 50
  • Danikat
    Nothing purchased in the crown store will carry over. ESO+ does and anything that was part of your account when it was created or added via a key code.

    So for example when I switch to the NA server I don't have any of my characters, my crown store mounts or pets or any DLC but I do have the Any Race, Any Alliance upgrade and Scuttler pet (from the Explorer's Pack) and the Imperial Race, white horse and mud crab pet from the Imperial Edition (which I bought through the website back when it was available that way) and the beta monkey pet.

    (Confusingly however if you bought the Imperial Upgrade or Adventurer's Pack in the crown store then Any Race, Any Alliance and the Imperial stuff WON'T carry over.)
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