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Upcoming Crown Crate Concerns

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I just watched @MissBizz in her video on youtube. In these videos she opened more than 31,200 crowns worth of crates by purchasing 13 crates (5200 crowns) per day for 6 days. That is the equivalent of $226.85 USD. Thus far she has managed to acquire all of the superior level (tier 1) rewards, about half of the epic level (tier 2) rewards, two of the 15 legendary level (tier 3) rewards, and on the fourth day she managed to get her one and only apex level (tier 4) reward which was the Storm Atronach horse. That is like buying three and 3/4 skyrim games when Elder Scrolls Skyrim first launched and getting none of the comparative content.

I understand and even enjoy that the game developers want to give us shiny mounts and outfits. The existence of the crown store is nice in that it enables us to directly purchase those items that we deem to be individually worthy of our money. It is something entirely different to place coveted items behind a paywall and to then further hide them behind a random chance wall. I don't need or have any desire to pay for all of those consumables. I don't need potions or poisons since I have an alchemist, I don't need food or drinks since I have a provisioner, I don't need the grand soul gems since I thieve or quest to acquire those, and I don't need the horse skill lines. I have been playing since beta and ten of my 12 characters already have their horses maxed out in stamina, speed, and carry capacity. I don't have any desire to purchase those old armor cosmetics, pets, polymorphs, or mounts. If I had wanted those things I would have purchased them when they came out.

What I do want are a few of the new items. Unfortunately these items are tucked away inside a random chance drop. When Rich announced that crown crates were coming he said it would be a chance for players who missed out on stuff that they wanted to have access to old content. That in itself was fine. It was generous even. But I very much dislike that in order to get the few new items that I want I will be forced to wade through old content that I passed up for lack of interest and to purchase consumables that I do not need. This setup does not even give me the courtesy of choosing a direct option to purchase the things I actually want if I deem them to be worthy of my hard earned money.

Yes I know we are talking about allowing us to exchange all those consumables for crown gems in addition to the cosmetic sets we already have. But I notice that those are not direct equivalent exchanges either. An example would be the evening dress which only refunds a player with five gems but costs much more to purchase with gems.

My recommendation is to have a two part system- The first allows us to directly purchase the items that we really want, and the second allows people to gamble and to get lots of consumables if they also need them. I for one will not be purchasing any crown crates. Maybe the developers should take lessons from the priests of Z'en or Zenithar. The path to peace and prosperity comes through earnest work, and HONEST profit. Not through war, bloodshed, or theft.
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Say no to Crown Crates!
  • Danikat
    I agree. I don't ever spend real money on a random chance at something. I might occasionally play a fairground game where you have a chance to win a prize but that's because I enjoy the game, the prize is just a bonus.

    Since opening crown crates is not fun I won't be buying any. It doesn't matter what's in them, I won't get them.

    However there are several items which are going to be included which I would buy if they were sold in the crown store.
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  • ZOS_RyanM
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