Official Discussion Thread for "Available Now: ESO Gold Edition and Guilds & Glory DLC Mega-Pack"

  • Elmour0Fudd
    I really did mess up when I renewed ESO+ 180 day what a muppet!
    Try Cat herding it's fun thay said you'll love it it's a good honest job........ bollock's you need Silverweave body armour to stop em fighting, but a stuffed mouse on a string can help!

    • Snarrffffff

    [/PC NA mainly dead Breton magic sorcerer b]!Alg5EQDPhr8CemxApWeDYYkydrc

    oh what fun
  • Elsonso
    It is not a limited time offer.
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  • baraoguerra
    Soul Shriven
    Can´t find it in the store.
    Can someone help me?
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