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magic sorc

Hey guys. My friend is a magic sorc and sent me a screenshit of his stats. He had 3.5 k magic regen and 40k max magic he won't tell me his sets and stuff so I want to catch the bugger out lol.

How do you get stats like that?
  • Dk_needs_a_buff
    Oh and i wouldnt mind trying it. He had just under 2k spell smg
  • Nirnrotten
    He most likely put together some vanity build just to show off to you. Now 40k Max Magicka can be obtained easily with green food, gold everything, mages guild and undaunted passives and he's a sorc so bound armor too.
    Hell he could hit well over 50k with that.

    What I'm impressed with is the 3.5k regen. I've never tried stacking regen before but that's definitely one of the highest in my recent memory. I've hit 2k buffed with my Altmer so I guess it's not too difficult to get an extra 1.5k if you were really trying to.

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  • OurRun_DMC
    He was probably running 5pc Lich along with some other set, atleast that's how I imagine he'd get that high of a recovery
  • psychotic13
    You say he has just under 2k spell damage, that's why his regen is high. 2k spell damage is awful you should be aiming for 3-3.5k minimum imo.

    His regen is overkill, no one needs that amount your wasting set bonuses.
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