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PvP xp and gold gain

To cut to the chase. I only pvp, it's the only reason I play this game. Pve sux. However the xp and gold gain is horrible in cyrodiil. How am I suppose to gain champion ranks and earn gold without grinding mobs? I want to be able to farm players and earn a respectable amount of income. Maybe some adjustments could be made to help out PvPers so we don't have to leave cyrodiil. Thanks!
  • Lolimsopro
    Always wondered, how do you get the most AP in Cyrodiil?

    If i only tank with DK, "none" dps, do i get as much AP as a NB/Sorc that bursts and lasthits?
    How does this really work?

    Someone pls quote me a dummy guide.
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  • Minno
    Lots of trade guilds use tel var exchange rates. Meaning they calculated how much tel var is against gold. So ideally you could farm IC, and exchange an IC set purchase for a set amount of gold.

    You'd have to ask trade guilds or trusted zone sources the current rate or what sets are hot right now.

    You can also make potions. Some go for 6k for around a half stack.

    And decon everything, sell the mats, pick up expensive flowers, farm dolmens, etc.

    Anyone else have advice?
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  • Beardimus
    Most PvErs that want to level fast come to Cyrodill for XP, to grind the Delves!!

    Gold I get ya, however the methods in Cyro or PvE are similar, get trading, selling mob loot / ROTW etc, writs. You will need to pop out for 10 mins a day but it's all profitable.

    Gold items from the leaderboards sell for 100k+ so PvP a couple of them and sell = Profit
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  • Knootewoot
    I wish PvP gave more gold. I so poor I can't craft or buy new armor or make my latest armor yellow. It sucks.

    I wish at the end of the campaign everyone participating would be a millionaire so we could buy the stuff we want just so we can do what we want. And that is PvP.

    I don't want the hassle of doing PvE, crafting, gathering and so on. I just want to jump in, PvP and quit when it has been enough.

    I love the game. But PvE is boring. I have all crafting maxed (at 8 traits because again I don't have the gold to do the 9th trait because they are to expensive to waste money on)

    At least let us buy (anything) with AP then.
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  • NeillMcAttack
    Use your AP to purchase Akaviri Motifs. They sell very well!!
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  • God_flakes
    It really is a shame how poor us soldiers are. But isn't that just like real life? I rely on the generosity of my friends and pve'rs. :blush:
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  • Burning_Talons
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    Tips for you ...

    - The kill 20 quests, with enlightenment and an XP scroll will net you more than 100K XP. Never turn one in before you sign off for the night. Turn it in when you first start for the enlightenment bonus.
    - Sell your PVP rewards. Vicious Death anything is a good seller. Also, items with divines sell well. Don't bother selling things like a "marksman's axe". Nobody wants an axe for a bow set.

    Sadly, there are very few ways to earn gold and XP at a rate similar to PVE. I make sure to try and spend 2-4 hours a week in PVE land to pay for my PVP hours. If you have to PVE I recommend finding a grinding spot or location pattern that you can cover in a half hour before boredom sets in.

    Last night I did the Kvatch Arena and Limesauraus twice each before porting to Old Orsinium to kill bears.

    Final haul: 2 motifs, 120 rubedo, 2 Champion Points in about an hour. I added the rubedo to my pile and have a stack of 200 on sale for 16k. The motifs will sell for a few thousand each. All in all I'll end up with about 20k of gold for an hour of biting the bullet in PVE land.
  • Kaspar
    In a pinch you can always convert AP to Gold buying and re-selling filled grand soul gems to the dealer for 25 AP : 1 Gold
  • geonsocal
    it sure would be nice for 30 day campaigns if the 2nd and 3rd place alliances received some kind of purple gear at tier 3...

    have 6 characters, 2 each side on same campaign - made 92k at end of campaign...

    some of the pvp gear (transmutation, VD, fury, etc) sells okay using guild traders...
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