Seeking an EU-based RP guild (Ebonheart Pact)

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone!

After a long hiatus, I have decided to return as an ESO-Plus member to ESO in order to invest some proper quality RP time in it yet again! It's been a while since I last roleplayed properly in here, but I'm hoping to find likeminded who'd like to give it a chance with me :). If activity is a concern, I work in shifts so depending on that I may be online in the early hours up to midday or late in the even past 10 pm to whenever I wish I wanna go to sleep, practically :smiley: . I've been hooked up to RPing since the early days of Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-Cu) so I'm bringing in lots of experience in that regard too. 26 years of age in case anyone wonders or cares.

That said, I play a Nord, lvl 50 (Champion 20, though not that it matters much in terms of Roleplay), so whoever wishes to give it a go, my in-game name is Sidrimir. Let's have some quality RP time!
  • leothedino
    ✭✭✭✭ I think is what you are looking for.

    I RP on the DC side, EU server, we have a very popular community over at:

    I know I am biased to say it, but consider coming to the DC for RP. As soon as One Tamriel hits, everyone will be able to move amongst one another without faction limits, anyway. I hope this helps.
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