Would Pet Sorc be good for players with high ping (Latency) PVE ?

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Referring back to my initial topic here:

Followed the tips recommended and it did help tremendously and made it to Lvl50 and got a few Champion points but, once again, being in melee range makes it difficult to dodge certain attacks in time, or casting certain abilities felt like I still had to press the button a few times before the skill actually activates due to lag.

During my journey I saw a few players with pet sorcerers and while the pets were tanking they could attack from range.

I was thinking that perhaps I can try a pet build instead, but wanted to have some opinions if it is a good idea , or should I try something else like a Heavy Armored Nord / Orc with with all stats in health, but I am not sure because I still want to be able to do some decent damage and enjoy the PVE and once again melee may be a problem.

Thanks for any advice.
  • greylox
    I definitely find pet sorc the easiest to solo, just finished everything in craglorn that I could solo (some mechanics there need multiple players...now if I could tell my pets to press something or stand on a pad etc...) and high ping wouldn't be anywhere near as annoying as being melee class. The mobs/bosses can still come to you so you can't just stand back all the time but generally it's easy.
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    Pet Builds are good, but your going to want to keep an eye on Hardened Ward as that can protect your pets. There have been some updates to the Pets, so check the Patch Notes so you can gear up and determine a rotation or tactics to take advantage of the changes.

    I also think there are a couple of gear sets optimized around Pets. Necropetence is one of them, but I think there is another one.

    Also, see this for some ideas (you don't have to copy this, but use it for inspiration for your build)

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  • BLaaR
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    Thank you for the replies.

    @greyfox, could you please post a rough build of your Sorc.

    Last thing, I see Sorc have 3xbards to slot skills in. Does this apply to pet sorc too ? Seems overwhelming too me having 3 bards instead of 2, and not something I want to try first time round.
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