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Stam DK DoT build theory crafting

Have an idea for a stam DK for the DB update. Just wanting to see people's thoughts. It sounds good on paper, but haven't tested it yet

Race: redguard
Armor: 5m/2h
Attributes: all stam

Gear: 5 hundings or 5 nightmothers (impen), 1 kena, 4/5 marksman (5 with DW)
or 5 hundings or 5 nightmothers (impen), 1 kena, 3 agility, 2/3 marksman (3 with DW)

2h bar: crit rush, executioner (aoe version), rally, shuffle, volatile armor (or wings), ultimate is take flight
DW bar: flurry, poop swipe, vomit, vigor, flex spot (maybe evil hunter), ultimate is flawless dawnbreaker

Mundus stone is either serpent or warrior depending on which I need more
And running food instead of drinks

  • AverageJo3Gam3r
    You should run fossilize in your flex slot. All builds need a cc.
  • Lokey0024
    Add the dw dot. It hurts alot
    No igneous shield?
    Was thinking something similar
  • AGrz5585
    Kk will throw fossilize in flex and replace shuffle with igneous shield (hate shuffle and already never use it on my imperial stam DK)
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